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Simple Analytics

Want a hassle-free way to understand your TravelFeed audience? Simple Analytics offers a straightforward solution, focusing on essential data without compromising user privacy.


Before you begin, you need to have your own blog set up with TravelFeed hosting.

Let's get started:

1. Kickstart with Simple Analytics

  • Visit Simple Analytics and choose a suitable plan.
  • Create your account and add your TravelFeed blog domain.

2. Grab the Tracking Code

  • After adding your site, navigate to "Install Instructions" for your domain.
  • You'll find your unique tracking code there. Copy it for the next step.

3. Add the Tracking Code to TravelFeed

  • Head over to your TravelFeed Dashboard and click on "Hosting".
  • Proceed to the "Integrations" tab and paste the Simple Analytics tracking code into the "Code injection" section.
  • Don't forget to scroll down and hit "Save changes".

And that's it! Your TravelFeed platform is now synced with Simple Analytics. Dive into your Simple Analytics dashboard anytime to uncover insights about your readership.

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