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TravelFeed Minimum Posting Requirements:

  • Only original content;
  • Your post must be in the language selected, without the use of translation tools. Bilingual posts are discouraged, please consider posting separate posts for each language instead. If you do post bilingual, please do not post with English as language selected. We're currently curating in English, Polish, Spanish and German;
  • At least 250 words (in the language selected);
  • Only use media and texts that are your own or that you have permission to use (e.g. CC0 license, public domain);
  • If you are using any texts that are not your own (e.g. Wikipedia excerpts) you are required to mark them by putting them in a quote;
  • We require to put an attribution for any media or texts that are not your own;
  • Only travel-related content;
  • Your post must not be a repost of your previous TravelFeed posts.

If you don't comply with our requirements, we reserve the right to remove your post from our platform or decrease its visibility. We are legally required to remove copyright infringements.

Additional Cross-Posting Requirements:

  • If you want to publish your posts to Hive, please revise your cross-posting settings via your dashboard;
  • You must publish your posts through TravelFeed;
  • Please familiarize yourself with the rules of each blockchain you post to (e.g. some might require verification or prohibit translations);
  • The #travelfeed tag is retired and we don't accept articles submitted through third party frontends;
  • Only edit posts on TravelFeed, otherwise you might lose the chance to get curated by us.
On TravelFeed, you can upvote posts and comments by pressing the vote button and moving it to the desired voting power. We call that giving smiles. You can give up to 10 smiles per post, equaling a 100% upvote on Hive. The more smiles you give, the less powerful they are, but your fuel tank recharges by 100 smiles every day. The more smiles are given to a post, the more visibility it will get and the higher the reward that the author will get from the rewards pool. The rewards for a post are not only determined by the total amount of smiles received, but also by the influence (currently determined by Hive Power held) of each curator — one smile by a powerful account like @travelfeed can be worth more than ten smiles from a small account.
A curator is anyone voting on TravelFeed posts, including yourself. By giving smiles to a post before it goes viral, you can earn curation rewards from the rewards pool, potentially higher than the value of your vote. A TravelFeed curator is part of our team and controls smiles given by the account @travelfeed.
We operate a team of professional curators. Every day, we read all posts submitted to TravelFeed. Up to five posts are featured on the front page and receive 10 smiles, smaller smiles are distributed to all other submissions.
We're no longer supporting nor curating articles published through platforms other than TravelFeed but offer the possibilities to distribute content to other supported third-party blockchains. Please keep in mind that all the editing has to be done within our platform to guarantee curation and the the functionality of TravelFeed specific features of your article
A blockchain is a public, immutable, decentralized and censorship-resistant way of storing data secured by cryptography. There are social blockchains such as Hive that grow communities and make immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content.
HIVE is an inflationary currencies with a yearly inflation of currently around 10%. A large part of generated tokens by inflation goes towards the rewards pool that is distributed among content creators and curators by giving smiles.
When cross-posting to Hive, there is no default beneficiary fee anymore, but you can customize benficiaries. For cross-posting to Steem, we're implementing a mandatory 10% beneficiary with each post and comment published through us to cover our running costs for maintaining the Steem integration.
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