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How to Set Up Hosting

Transitioning to your own blog is super easy with TravelFeed. Here’s how.

Step 1: Choose Your Subdomain and Blog Name

Head over to the “Hosting” section in your TravelFeed dashboard.

Here, pick a free subdomain, type in a catchy title and a short description for your blog. This is your chance to give your blog a fun name that your friends and family will remember! Need help with finding a catchy name for your blog? Try our Travel Blog Name Ideas Generator.

Step 2: Make It Yours

Pick a color for the theme. What's your favorite color? Blue like the ocean or green like the trees? Go ahead and choose!

Step 3: Let the Magic Happen

Once you’ve filled in the details, TravelFeed’s smart AI gets to work. In just a minute or two, a personalized blog is all set up for you. It's that quick!

Step 4: Add Your Touch

Use TravelFeed's site builder to adjust the layout and add widgets without needing to code. Make it feel just the way you want.

And voila! Your very own travel blog is ready on a subdomain provided by TravelFeed. If you want a personalized domain like, learn how to set up your own domain here.

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