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This integration allows you to seamlessly post and earn rewards directly on the Hive blockchain through TravelFeed.

If you are already using your Hive account to sign into TravelFeed, the Hive integration is already enabled. If you have signed up with your email-address, you can connect your Hive account with these steps:


Make sure you have:

  • An active Hive account. Create one here if you haven’t yet.
  • Access to your Hive account keys. Keep them secure and accessible.

1. Access Hive Integration

  • Sign in to your TravelFeed account.
  • In your dashboard, navigate to "Settings".
  • Navigate to the Hive section and click "Link an account".

2. Connect Using Hivesigner

  • You'll be redirected to Hivesigner. Log in to authorize TravelFeed to access your Hive account.


After successfully linking your Hive account, you're now ready to:

  • Post directly to the Hive blockchain.
  • Earn Hive cryptocurrency for your content.
  • Engage with the Hive community through TravelFeed.

Post Syncing

Any edits you make on TravelFeed will be broadcasted to Hive, but any edits you make on Hive will have no effects on your post on TravelFeed.

Votes and comments from Hive will sync with TravelFeed for 7 days post-publication, provided the Hive user is also a TravelFeed member.

Hive Publishing Options

When creating a post, adjust Hive settings in the editor sidebar in the "Hive" section under "Visibility". Learn more here.

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