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Navigating through the Visibility options in the TravelFeed editor helps you control who sees your posts and where they appear. Let’s break down the options in a simple way.

TravelFeed Visibility Options

  • Hide a Post (Unlist): Your post stays visible with a direct link but won’t show up in searches or on your profile.
  • Members Only: Make your post visible only to TravelFeed members to potentially direct more traffic to your own domain. Logged out members and search engines will only see an excerpt.

Truvvl: Share or Not?

With a simple setting, you can decide whether your posts appear on truvvl, a mobile app by TravelFeeds that presents your stories in a mobile-friendly format.

Your Blogs: To Post or Not to Post?

If you’re using TravelFeed to host your blog, here you decide if a post should appear on it. Posts are published to your blog by default unless you go to your hosting settings (navigate to "Hosting" and then "General" in your TravelFeed dashboard) and change it.

Hive Settings

If you have connected a Hive account to your account, you will see the Hive visibility options.

  • Post to Hive: Turn off if you want to keep your post off Hive.
  • Link to TravelFeed on Top: Useful if your post uses special TravelFeed blocks, like image galleries.
  • Post to Blog: Uncheck to keep the post off your main Hive profile page (it will still appear under "All posts").
  • Only Excerpt: Share just a snippet on Hive, guiding readers to your full post on your blog. This can help to avoid SEO problems with duplicate content. Be aware: this might lead to lower engagement and significantly lower Hive rewards and some Hive communities may not encourage this practice.
  • Rewards: Select your preferred reward type or decline if suitable (e.g., for AI-generated posts).
  • Community: Choose where in Hive your post should appear and follow the community rules.
  • Beneficiaries: Allocate a percentage of your post earnings to other users if you wish.


Smart Traffic Management: If you are using TravelFeed Hosting, using "Members Only" on TravelFeed and "Only Excerpt" on Hive might boost visitors to your domain and can be positive for SEO.

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