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Main Area with Sidebar Widget

The Main Area with Sidebar widget offers a structured layout to organize your content effectively by establishing a primary area and a sidebar. This not only neatly arranges your widgets but also ensures that viewers can navigate and comprehend your content with ease.


Before diving into using this widget, ensure that:

Remember to place widgets in both the main section and the sidebar to make the most out of this layout structure. Each area provides a unique space for displaying different types of content or navigation aids.

Main area with sidebar widgets

Widget Options Explained

1. Sticky Sidebar

Activating the "Sticky sidebar" will keep the sidebar fixed on the page when users scroll down. This provides constant access to the sidebar contents, ensuring visibility at all times.

2. Cards

Turning on the "Cards" option will encapsulate each sidebar widget into a distinct card, providing a defined and structured appearance. This does not influence the main area. Implementing cards might be particularly beneficial if youโ€™re already utilizing card designs in other widgets, ensuring a coherent and consistent visual experience across your page.

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