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The Section widget acts like a versatile container on your TravelFeed blog, offering a neat way to organize and visually distinguish different parts of your page. Think of it as a box where you can place and group other widgets, while also having the flexibility to modify its appearance, such as changing the background color or adjusting dividers, to create a unique look and feel for different segments of your content.


Before diving into using this widget, ensure that:

Widget Options Explained

1. Background

The Section widget allows you to adjust the background to better differentiate between various parts of your page. The options available are:

  • Default: Utilizes the standard gray background color.
  • Darker: Applies a darker gray shade to the background.
  • Lighter: Lightens the background gray shade.
  • Color: Uses the theme color for the background.
  • Gradient: Applies a gradient effect in the theme color to the background.
Demo of the section widget

2. Bottom Divider

You can distinguish between sections with a variety of dividers at the bottom. The available styles are:

  • Default: Keeps a regular straight line at the bottom.
  • Tilt: Adopts a slanted divider line.
  • Wave: Features a wavy divider line.
  • Curve: Uses a curved line as a divider.

Be aware that a divider will only be visible if the background of the following component is different.

Demo of the section widget

3. Narrow

You can opt to create a more compact, narrow section by utilizing the Narrow toggle switch. By toggling this switch on, the section will appear more slimline, and when toggled off, the section will expand to a wider format. This option enables you to control the width and display of content, facilitating your design preferences. Make sure to hide the site builder sidebar for a full preview to see the difference.

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