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How to Customize Your Profile

Begin personalizing your TravelFeed space here.

Find Your Profile Settings

Start by navigating to your TravelFeed dashboard. Look for the sidebar on the screen, and there you’ll see “Profile”. Give that a click!

Add a Personal Touch

In this section, you get to talk about you!

  • Display Name: Even though your username stays the same, your display name can shake things up! This is the name folks will see.
  • Bio: Share a snippet about yourself. What should people know about the person behind the posts?

Snap a Pic!

  • Profile Image: Let’s see that lovely face! Add a profile picture to make your posts uniquely you.
  • Cover Image: Choose a header picture that represents your style or interests.

Connect with Social Media

Stay connected with your readers even off the platform! Linking social media is not just easy, but super handy too.

  • Facebook: Just your username, not the whole web address!
  • Twitter: Again, just the username!
  • Instagram: Username only here too!
  • Pinterest: You guessed it, username!

When you're setting up a blog with hosting, the social media accounts linked in your profile can be used there too! It keeps things nice and streamlined for you.

  • Website: If you have a personal blog or website, link it here so folks can dive deeper into your world. Use the full link (e.g.

And voila! Your profile is all set and ready to represent you in the digital world. Don’t forget to save all your cool updates before you exit by clicking "Update profile".

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