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Heading Block

Creating clear and easy-to-follow articles becomes simple with the Heading block.


Before you dive in, make sure you're familiar with how to navigate and use TravelFeed’s block-based editor. If you need a refresher, check out How to Use the Editor.

How to Add a Heading

  • Start a new paragraph. As you do, a "plus" button appears.
  • You can also press the "tab" key to access this "plus" button.
  • Clicking it opens a menu where you can insert various blocks.
  • From there, select "Heading" to insert a heading block.
  • Start typing.

Tuning Your Headings

  • Find the six-dotted button to the left of your active Heading block and click it.
  • Select a heading level that suits your section, choosing from options H2 to H6.
  • The “H2” level is the default setting, but choose the one that best fits your layout.
  • Text Alignment: In the same spot, the six-dotted button also lets you pick where your heading sits: left, center, or right. Choose one to make your text look neat and orderly.

Why Use Headings?

  • Structure: Headings neatly organize your text, making it reader-friendly.
  • SEO Boost: Intelligent use of headings enhances SEO, aiding content discoverability.
  • Accessibility: They help form a structured table of contents, enabling smoother navigation.


  • Maintain Consistency: Ensure your headings follow a consistent and logical structure throughout your article.
  • Keyword Usage: Integrate keywords into your headings when possible to enhance SEO.
  • Skip H1: Since your title serves as the H1, stick to H2 and lower for an orderly structure.
  • Keep Things in Order: Make sure your headings are in a clear order. Start with H2 for main ideas, then use H3 for related smaller ideas, and H4 for even smaller related points under those. Don't jump levels - starting with H4 and then going to H2 confuses readers and search engines.

Utilize headings as tools to clarify and magnify the impact of your posts on TravelFeed. Ready for the next step? Learn about enriching your stories visually with the Image block.

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