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Enhance your blog post with high-quality images, ensuring it is not only informative but also visually engaging for your readers.

Adding quality images to your post isn’t just about aesthetics. Images engage readers, break up text, and can communicate aspects of your story that words alone may not. Choosing relevant, high-quality images is crucial in making your post memorable among a sea of online content.


Before you dive in, make sure you're familiar with how to navigate and use TravelFeed’s block-based editor. If you need a refresher, check out How to Use the Editor.

Two Easy Ways to Add an Image

You have two straightforward options to insert an image into your post, and both are super easy!

  1. Drag and Drop Method: Simply drag your selected image and drop it right into the editor at the position you want it.
  2. Use an Image Block: Start a new paragraph and utilize the "plus" button or the "tab" key to open a block-adding menu. Choose an image block and upload your selected image.

Both methods will get your image into the editor smoothly!


  • Start Light: Even though TravelFeed automatically makes pictures smaller so they load fast, it's a good idea to keep them light to start with! Check if your photo editing program has an option to optimize photos for the web.
  • Use JPG: If you have a choice, for photos or screenshots, try to use JPEG pictures instead of PNG. They look just as good but don't slow things down. That way, your posts load quickly for everyone!

Post-Upload Steps

  • See It First: A preview of the image will appear in the editor once it's uploaded.
  • Add a Caption: Ensure you fill out the "caption" field below the image. It will be seen by your readers and also serves as the ALT-text for the image, optimizing your SEO.


  • High Quality is Key: Stick to using sharp, high-quality images to maintain a professional and appealing look in your article.
  • ALT-Text for SEO: Using the caption field to add ALT-text not only assists visually impaired readers but also gives your SEO a little boost.
  • Stay Relevant: Choose images that are relevant and cohesive with your post content to keep your narrative fluent and engaging.

More Ways to Add Pictures

Want more photo options? Try these two:

  • Make a Gallery: The Image Gallery Block lets you show lots of photos together in a neat gallery.
  • Use Unsplash: Don't have nice photos? The Unsplash Block helps you find and use free pictures from Unsplash. You can also upload pictures from other websites with it.

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