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Post List Widget

The Post List widget enables you to showcase a particular selection of posts in various stylistic themes, ensuring that your content is presented in a manner that aligns with your site's aesthetic and your preferences.


Before diving into using this widget, ensure that:

Widget Options Explained

List Theme

Elegant London

A polished, upscale layout that subtly elevates the presentation of your posts. When this theme is chosen, you have an additional option:

Cards: Choosing to enable this will encapsulate each post in a card format, adding a distinct visual boundary around each one, which may enhance visual separation and consistency if card designs are utilized elsewhere on your site.

Elegant London

Simple New York

A minimalist, image-focused theme that allows your photos to take center stage.

Simple new york

Minimal Singapore

A neat and straightforward layout that primarily features your content. Less pretty on the home page, this theme can be a great fit for tags or destination pages.

Minimal singapore

With Sidebar

When the "Post List" widget is placed in the main section of a "Main Area with Sidebar" widget, a fourth style is applied automatically. This layout is designed to maximize the efficient use of space, presenting your posts in a compact, side-by-side visual arrangement.

Posts with sidebar

Here are the customizable options for this style:

Thumbnail on the Side

Opting to enable this will position the post thumbnail to the left of the post title and summary instead of on the top, offering a clean and organized view that allows easy scanning of the content.

Round Thumbnail

Activating this option will round the corners of the thumbnail image, offering a smoother and potentially more aesthetic visual flow, especially beneficial if your site leans towards a soft or casual design theme.

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