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Migrating from

If you have an existing blog, you can easily migrate all your existing posts to TravelFeed.

Making your move from to TravelFeed is easy and simple! Your beautiful travel stories deserve a cozy home, and here at TravelFeed, we offer exciting features like special map integrations and automatic sorting based on your post’s location. Plus, you get to truly own your content and enjoy more ways to earn money and get noticed online!

Why Choose TravelFeed?

  • Modern look: Customize a neat looking and fast travel blog with our AI-assisted site builder.
  • Made for Travelers: Enjoy neat travel-friendly features, like easy-to-use map integrations and automatic post sorting into locations.
  • Get Noticed & Earn More: Your blog can shine in online searches and offer more ways to make money.
  • You Own Your Stories: Don't wait for Google to shutdown Blogger as they do with many of their products. On TravelFeed, your blogs are saved securely, and won’t disappear - with our optional blockchain integration you can even make them impossible to delete.

Moving your posts should be a breeze, and we've made it so with a handy import tool. Just follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Set Up Your for Moving

  • Visit your dashboard.
  • Click through: Settings > Site Feed > Allow Blog Feed.
  • Make sure it’s set to "Full".

Step 2: Save Your Blogger Posts

  • Go to: [yourblog] (change [yourblog] to your blog’s name).
  • Save the page as a file (like export.json).

Step 3: Import Your Posts to TravelFeed

  • Find your way to your TravelFeed dashboard.
  • Open "Drafts" in the sidebar
  • Click 'Import' (in the tabs right beside 'Published'). On mobile, it's a green import icon.
  • Choose '' and upload your saved file (export.json).

Good to Know: Right now, you can move your posts, but comments won’t come along. If you’re removing stuff from Blogger, remember to manually upload any pictures or files to keep them safe and sound!

Heads Up: The import tool isn’t available on smartphones just yet.

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