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Feature List Widget

Elegantly spotlight your best posts with the Feature List widget. Carefully curate and proudly present your key articles, ensuring they garner the attention they deserve from your readers.


Before diving into using this widget, ensure that:

Widget Options Explained

List Theme

Present your selected posts in a dynamic and visually appealing carousel format, ensuring they grab attention immediately.

Carousel showcase

Two-column Showcase

Dynamically balance your featured posts by placing them in a two-column layout, ensuring visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Two-column showcase

Elegant London

A polished, upscale layout that subtly elevates the presentation of your posts. When this theme is chosen, you have an additional option:

Elegant London

Simple New York

A minimalist, image-focused theme that allows your photos to take center stage.

Simple new york

Minimal Singapore

A neat and straightforward layout that primarily features your content.

Minimal singapore


Add a title to give your feature list a name and create a focal point for your readers. Keep it sharp and relevant!

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