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A Day at the Acropolis • Nice, France

A Day at the Acropolis • Nice, France

May 2021 · 4 min read · Nice

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This time i was visiting the beautiful city of Nice in France at the Côte d'Azur for a job and yes there is an Acropolis there, but it's not like the greek one you might have expected, it's the venue we were working in. I had no full day off this time, but some spare time to wander around at least a little bit to breathe in some of the city's atmosphere and catch some impressions for you to get a glimpse of what it's like in beautiful Nice. One lucky extra was the fact that the venue had a big open terrace on the roof so i could take some shots in the daytime while standing by for servicing our AV-Tech downstairs in case of emergency. Ok, let's get into it and start with the venue itself and some art on the streets close to it.

Nice Acropolis Convention Centre

This very futuristic spaceship like building is our venue for the congress, but it's not new, it's straight outta the 80ies designed by the architects Buzzi, Bernasconi, and Baptiste.

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The Square Head Building

Probably the most iconic landmark building, sculpture, peace of art in Nice. It is pretty impressive standing in front of this unique giant square head. The cube head is located at the Traverse Barla next to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art or Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain in french or in short MAMAC.

Here i want to show you a snapshot i made while we're setting up one of the LED Walls in the venue, because the square head somehow reminded me of it and i thought about what if that cube would be a giant 360 degrees LED Wall. Definitely a job i'd like to do.

Ok ok, enough of work, let's check out another sculpture on the street that i passed by everyday on my way to the venue. This is one of the numerous works of art that are on exhibit outside the building. I hope i get the chance to discover more of the artworks around the venue next time.

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Nice from the rooftop of the Venue

Now let's get up and out on the terrace on top of the Nice Acropolis Convention Centre and check the view from there.

Let's get a little closer to those foothills of the Ligurian Alps over there with a little help of my telephoto lens.

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And now back to the city with a typical french rooftop view with loads of those little chimneys and after that a view down one of Nice's busy streets.

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Leaving Work for the Day Now

Next up after work we leave the venue and take a relaxed walk back to the appartement and catch some evening vibes in the alleys.

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Now it's time for a good glass of wine and some tasty food before we get ready to go down to the Côte d'Azur to check out one of the harbours and the beach at sunset in the next part of the travelog about my visit to beautiful Nice.

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Stay tuned for the soon to be published 2nd part!

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