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Anoi Itam Fortress : Just Short Travel But Get Full History

Anoi Itam Fortress : Just Short Travel But Get Full History

January 2020 · 4 min read · Sabang

Hello Travellers...

Well, I'm back again with my travel story and this time little different because I want to tell you about Anoi Itam Fortress in Sabang and the history behind it. I think nowadays too difficult to find any tourists who specifically came to seek and know the historic sites, except for travelers from developed countries highly appreciated the relic. I often read reviews of foreign travelers about historical traveling. Cor Passchier, a Dutch researcher who published his book "Building in Indonesia 1600 - 1960" and you will find a lot of writing, photos past and present era, there is also the architecture of the building plan.


Behind th CliffsOn Top of the bunker

Incidentally, I fared well were able to visit the city of Sabang which is known as the largest island that has a heritage building from the past, and Pulau Weh in Sabang is known as an island with many historic strongholds. There is a Japanese fort site at Anoi Itam. The fort located in the village of Anoi Itam, District of Suka Jaya was built during the Japanese administration and is very strategic to see ships entering the bay, in addition to its location also high on the hill.

Before leaving for this place, it helps you make preparations with drinks and enough food, tired of climbing high stairs, and hot weather, making us often thirsty here because when you get to the top of the hill, you will not find anyone who sells drinks and food. I almost forgot, to get into this place you don't need to pay for a ticket, because when we came here it was said to be free.

The fort is located in the eastern part of Sabang city which is adjacent to the beach Anoi Itam. Today this place become one of the favorite tourist destinations for visiting in Sabang and the distance is only 12 km from Sabang city. Do you know? In the past, the Japanese army fort was used for weapons storage. Here, you will find the fort is not only one, but several. There a tunnel connecting it until to the command center. Before sunrise, this place is the best place for looking sunrise.

View Top of HillBeuatiful View

According to the history references and guard of this place, the fort was built Japanese army when Second World War and they are landed in Weh Island on March 12, 1942. When the Japanese Army landed, they began to build a fortress around Weh Island as preparations for the Asia-Pacific War. Japanese troops make Sabang as a military port and the line of leading-edge air defense allies face threats from the West. Bunkers here was built as anticipation of an enemy attack from open sea.

If seen, the fort is in the ground or buried in the half ground and at the top shaped like a horseshoe. The view here is quite remarkable. You can get a broad expanse of sea, the beautiful hills view from the island as well as the shade trees. To reach the fort, you must climb the fairly high rungs.

In this fort you can also see a building with the crosshairs tower. This building was made half into the ground and leaving only the crosshairs to spy on enemies from the top of the hill. In this fortress there are still cannons with a length of more than 3 meters. Amazing. From the top of the reconnaissance building, you can see the view of Sabang Bay very clearly, complete with a ship that was passing by from a distance. But unfortunately that day we didn't see any ships.

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This is the last place we visited in Sabang, unfortunately some places cannot be documented because the camera's battery has run out. So sad. But we will come here again next year. Do you want to join me?

Keep spirit and keep steem on :)

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"All Picture was taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia"

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