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[PW#15] Geulumpang Raya Beach : Enjoy The Excotic to Forget Life Toxic

[PW#15] Geulumpang Raya Beach : Enjoy The Excotic to Forget Life Toxic

February 2020 · 7 min read · Aceh

Hello communities.



Today I want to tell one place, precisely a very beautiful beach and I highly recommend it. Well, Aceh holds dozens of beaches with their own uniqueness and attraction. One of them is located in Aceh Jaya called Geulumpang Raya Beach which is a beach like a bay so it looks exotic and natural. For the last 2 years or so, this beach has become one of the tourist destinations that is crowded with tourists.

This beach has a sloping coastline and soft white sand will be able to attract attention for anyone who sees it. Not only beautiful beaches, but the underwater world is also no less fascinating to enjoy. Various types of beautiful marine life are always friendly to tourists. Unfortunately, I am not trying it because my body not fit.


West of BeachEast of Beach

In 2018, I have camped with friends here One day Unforgotten, at that time this place is called Lhok Geulumpang Beach and as long as I know this place no one has taken care of it at that time, but now this place appears with a new look and new name is Geulumpang Raya Beach.



Geulumpang Raya Beach is located in Setia Bakti District, Aceh Jaya Regency, Aceh Province administratively. To reach this beach, the tourists who come from Banda Aceh have to travel a long distance, which is about 140 kilometres with 3 hours travel time. But if you from the Calang, this beach is about 18 kilometres or about 20 minutes only.


East of BeachNature and Sand

Don't worry the main road to this location is very good, but from the main road to the beach location not yet good, but it can be passed by cars. You must pay for IDR 30.000 to enter this beach. It takes extra effort to look at the beauty of this beach located in Aceh Jaya, but when arriving at the beach the whole tired of the trip will be replaced with a panorama of the beach so natural as well as exotic.


A Short History of Geulumpang Raya Beach

According to some people who guarded this place, this place is a very quiet beach in the past. But things changed when a David (Germany) arrived in Aceh and was fascinated by the beauty of this beach. He finally decided to stay in Aceh because he was captivated by the charm of natural beauty here and in 1990, David married a local resident and built a modest house near the beach.



He was very contributed in the development of Geulumpang Raya, In 1993, an ASEAN regional cultural festival was held here, which added to the popularity of the beach in the eyes of the world. But all of that became mere memories because of its peak during the conflict in Aceh, this place totally stopped its activities, as well as the whole of Aceh's tourism in general. when the Tsunami in 2004, the beach was also hit by the devastating waves so that many parts of the beach were badly damaged.


The Charm of Exotic Beaches

Geulumpang Raya beach is one of the exotic beaches in Aceh. When arriving at the beach location, tourists can see the natural panorama of the beach that is so extraordinary beautiful. A stretch of sloping white sand can be found along the shoreline. The beach sand is so soft that tourists can lie on the sand while enjoying the breeze that blows.



Geulumpang Raya beach does have unique beach characteristics. The beach is formed from two islands which are fused with each other to make the beach different from other beaches. Tourists can see this beach flanked by two seawater on the left and right, so it looks like a road that divides the ocean.

The seawater classified very clear with a turquoise colour. Even tourists can see the rocks and marine biota that live from the surface of the water. Tourists can freely play sand, swim or just play water on this beach. But you must careful because sometimes the waves cannot be predicted. There have been several cases of tourists being dragged down by the waves because they were careless when swimming on this beach.

In addition to playing sand and swimming, tourists can also do diving, snorkeling, photo hunting and flying fox activities at Geulumpang Raya Beach. Around the coast, you can also find natural forests filled with green plants, making this Geulumpang Raya Beach look beautiful. There are several animals in the forest. The existence of this forest also beautifies this exotic beach.

From a distance, you will see several small islands that look beautiful. After being hit by a tsunami wave in 2004, there are parts of a group of islands that were declared missing and its position away from the coast. Before the tsunami disaster, tourists can visit that island using tires only.


Facilities at Geulumpang Raya Beach

For the time being, I see that the facilities here are quite adequate, ample parking, public toilets, prayer rooms and several food stalls that sell food and drinks. There are facilities for diving and snorkeling too.



Some places have been improved to be able to hunt photos and flying fox for adults and children. The instructors are also friendly and disciplined at work. Cool, by the way, there is also a four-wheeled motorcycle rental, you can explore the beach and sandy area here freely.


Enjoy the Beauty of the Beach

Geulumpang Raya beach makes the sensation of beach charm as the main attraction. This beach is very unique, because as if flanked by two oceans at once. You can freely play on this soft and gentle white sand. Its exotic place, also makes this beach very suitable for you who want to unwind from your daily activities.



There used to be no prohibition on bathing, all beach areas are safe. However, now on the east of the coast, it is prohibited to a bath. Naturally, I saw big waves and too much coral. Whereas in the western part, the seawater seems calm, this could be because there is an island covering it. So, here the children are safe running, swimming and playing sand.


Snorkeling and Diving

My condition is less fit when I come to this place, if only my body is in good condition, I want to try my favourite activities that are often done at this beach, yes snorkeling and diving. These activities are often carried out by tourists who want to see the beauty of the underwater world on this beach. Indeed, this beach has certain spots for diving and snorkeling activities.

Take it easy, you are accompanied by a guide who is experienced before doing snorkeling or diving. The underwater world that is no less beautiful with its beaches, you can see a lot of coral reefs, fish swimming behind coral, seaweed and many more.

Flying  (1).JPG

Flying fox

From what I see, some of the flying fox facilities are already very adequate. Here there is a flying fox for children at a cost of IDR 35,000. At a height of 4 meters, children can ride a spider web, walk on a rope, a suspension bridge, and flying fox with a length of 10 meters. Whereas for adults only one flying fox, but its height is about 30 meters from the hill to the beach, has a length of about 50 meters. Security is guaranteed.

Flying FOx (2).JPG

For AdultsFor Kids
Flying  (2) - Copy.JPG
Flying FOx (1).JPG

Flying FOx (3).JPG

Photo hunting on the beach

Selfie in front of the camera must be done when in a place that has natural beauty like this beach. Don't forget to bring a selfie stick, and other camera equipment if you want to take a selfie. One of the most hunted spots is, of course, taking a picture on the beach flanked by these two seas.anked by these two seas.

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