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All content from YouTube works with TravelFeed automatically via our oEmbed integration. All you have to do is paste a URL! You can also link your YouTube channel and create video posts.

Embed YouTube Videos

There are two ways to embed a YouTube video in your Travelfeed blog post: The easy way and The alternative way. The easiest way to embed a YouTube video is to copy its link and paste it in a new paragraph. A video preview block will pop up automatically. The hard way is to add a Raw HTML block and to paste the YouTube video HTML code in it.

How to embed YouTube Videos in TravelFeed posts

Create Video Posts

While often a short video embed is enough, sometimes your post is more about the video than about the blog. In that case, you can create a video post that will have a large video playing on top.

To add a cover video to your post, first find the Background Image selector in the editor sidebar (under "Media"). Click the camera-switch icon to switch to the cover video selector. Now, enter a link to a video (e.g. and click "Add video".

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