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All content from YouTube works with TravelFeed automatically via our oEmbed integration. All you have to do is paste a URL! You can also link your YouTube channel and create video posts.

Embed YouTube Videos

There are two ways to embed a YouTube video in your Travelfeed blog post: The easy way and The alternative way. The easiest way to embed a YouTube video is to copy its link and paste it in a new paragraph. A video preview block will pop up automatically. The hard way is to add a Raw HTML block and to paste the YouTube video HTML code in it.

How to embed YouTube Videos in TravelFeed posts

Create Video Posts

While often a short video embed is enough, sometimes your post is more about the video than about the blog. In that case, you can create a video post that will have a large video playing on top. While you can create embeds from any channel, video posts are only available to verified creators, but getting verified is easy: You just need to link your YouTube account once. Head to the video page to link your YouTube account and get started! If you are unsure how to link your YouTube account, watch the video below.

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