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Table Block

Implementing a table in your post can neatly arrange and present data or information, making it straightforward and digestible for your readers. Whether comparing items or showcasing a schedule, a well-structured table elevates the clarity of your information.


Before you dive in, make sure you're familiar with how to navigate and use TravelFeed’s block-based editor. If you need a refresher, check out How to Use the Editor.

How to Insert a Table

  1. Begin a New Paragraph: Ensure you're starting fresh by hitting 'Enter' for a new paragraph space.
  2. Open Block Menu: Click the '+' symbol or tap the 'Tab' key.
  3. Select the Table Block: Find and choose the table option. If it's not immediately visible, you might scroll or type "table" into the search bar.
  4. Add Content: Click inside the cells to add your text or numbers.

Managing Rows and Columns

  • Adding: Utilize the '+' button within the table block to introduce a new row or column.
  • Adjusting: Each row and column comes with a 4-dotted symbol (for rows it’s on the left, for columns it’s at the top). Clicking it lets you delete it or add a new one either to its left/right (for columns) or above/below (for rows).


  • Simplicity: Keep data clear and straightforward for easy comprehension.
  • Label Appropriately: Ensure all columns are labeled to guide the reader.

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