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Spoiler Block

The Spoiler Block conceals key story elements or information from your readers, offering them the choice to reveal it at their discretion. Ideal for FAQ sections or translations.


Before you dive in, make sure you're familiar with how to navigate and use TravelFeed’s block-based editor. If you need a refresher, check out How to Use the Editor.

How to Insert a Spoiler Block

  1. Start a New Paragraph: Press 'Enter' to create a new paragraph in your editor.
  2. Insert a Block: Click on the '+' icon located to the left or press the 'Tab' key.
  3. Locate the Spoiler Block: You might need to scroll or type "spoiler" in the search bar to find and select the spoiler block option.
  4. Enter Your Spoiler Content: Type the title and the hidden text.

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