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Internal Link Block

The internal link block is not just a linking tool but a way to elegantly showcase TravelFeed posts and itineraries generated with MagicMaps within your own content. It gives a quick preview in a tidy card format.


Before you dive in, make sure you're familiar with how to navigate and use TravelFeed’s block-based editor. If you need a refresher, check out How to Use the Editor.

The internal link block helps link your TravelFeed posts together in a friendly way. It encourages readers to check out more of your content by showing them a nice little preview of your other posts. Make sure your links make sense and lead to related articles, so your readers have fun exploring more of what you write. You can also link to other TravelFeed authors' stories.

  1. Begin a New Block: Start a new paragraph where you'd like to insert the internal link. A "+" button will appear.

  2. Choose the Block: Click on the "+" button and find the "Internal Link" block. You may need to scroll or use the search bar to find it.

  3. Insert the Link: Once the block is added, all you need to do is paste the TravelFeed link into it. Automatically, it will transform into a neatly presented card.


  • TravelFeed Exclusive: Remember that only links from TravelFeed will work.
  • Blog Integration: If you utilize TravelFeed hosting for your blog, links to posts on your blog transform into internal links, making navigation seamless for your visitors.

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