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If you visit Ameya Yokocho, you must visit Niki no Kashi. This is the “it” place to get all your snacks and sweets in one place and the best part is it is tax-free if you are a visitor. Some items I find here are cheaper than at the supermarket before tax-free so you are saving more by the end of the day. You can’t miss it, right in the middle of the market and you could see many tourists inside the two stores stocking up.

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Why two stores? One is for sweets and the other is for dry food like tea, fried seafood etc. Both as busy but you cannot pay for everything at once. You have to pay at each store separately and they will work on the tax-free separately as well. I wanted to bring so many things home but unfortunately I am tight on luggage space. Things I recommend would be some ramen, cooking seasoning (Expensive in Sydney!), tea leaves and some dried seafood.


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There were just lots and lots of things at both stores. I then ventured over to the sweet store and it as jam-packed with different items. You have options to buy in bulk which wasn’t a lot cheaper compared to buying single items but it was still an option. They even have some cool Gundam models and Pokemen gift boxes for sale. I believe popular stocks like various flavoured Kit Kats will be always stocked (and a lot cheaper too!) but one of the items like the Gundam is whatever is stocked. So if you are at Ameya Yokocho, make sure to stop by Niki no Kashi with your passport to take advantage of tax-free prices. Things to keep notes are that their staff didn’t know much English but instead have Chinese staff helping out so be sure to have Google translate ready if you have any questions.


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