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Khon Kaen City of Lights and Nightlife.

Khon Kaen City of Lights and Nightlife.

February 2020 · 3 min read · Khon Kaen Province

Khon Kaen City is a city in the north-east of Thailand it is the fourth largest city of Isan known as "Big Four of Isan" . Khon Kaen city lies 450 kilometers north-northeast of Bangkok.

I myself love Khon Kaen city and so do many other foreigners who have married girls from this city and now live here and for a foreigner it's a good choice of a city to settle down in , why because it is very affordable and it's far from a boring city. It is a happy , colorful and vibrant city to live in.

In the center of the city you have the main shopping mall the Central Plaza which has every brand and store you made need and the great part about it every weekend the street vendors will put up stores around the shopping mall where you can buy the best of Thai cuisine foods and eat till you drop.

Here you will find the best of the Thailand stick foods barbecued chicken , beef , pork and seafood all on the stick with your preference of sauces and many fresh fruit juices.

Been the city of nightlife you can't go without adding a bit of live band music while your enjoying your meal it just blends in with the whole surrounding atmosphere.

And then there is more eating and shopping it's like been at a Disney fair and this happens around the city of Khon Kaen every night in different locations but the weekend one here at Central Palza is the main one were everyone gathers every weekend.

And when your done shopping and eating you can take a walk around the Khon Kaen park across the road from the shopping mall take your snacks with you sit on the grass and enjoy the music while your eating and watch these millions of colorful lights dancing to the beat of the music just amazing show of lights.

The park gardens are beautifully lit up and decorated with little magical colorful lights where you can enjoy taking photos with family and friends or just selfies.

You can reach Khon Kaen city from Bangkok domestic airport which is only a 55 minute flight to Khon Kaen city or you can do it by bus , train or private car whichever you prefer , i prefer flying it's cheap and very convenient the city center is only a 20 minute drive from the airport.

This is main city shrine which is also walking distance from the Central Plaza mall , here all the Thais will come and pay there respects for good luck and fortune before heading home after all the nights events. I love the way the shrine changes color and the way the gardens are always so nicely manicure and decorated with these colorful lights.

And what is a night without a few fireworks just to spark the night up a bit more i did say it's the city of lights.

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Well this was another great weekend in Khon Kaen city , i always feel that i am in Disneyland every time i visit city of Khon Kaen.

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