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Text Sidebar Widget

The Text widget lets you place customized text in the sidebar of your page, with optional enhancements like an image or a button. Use it to add notes, quotes, or additional information related to your content.


Before diving into using this sidebar widget, ensure that:

Widget Options Explained

1. Title

Your section’s heading to clue in your readers.

2. Text

This is where your main message goes. Be it a warm greeting, an interesting quote, or additional info, type it in here.

3. Image

Add an image to accompany your text. This could be a logo, a special icon, or any image relevant to your message.

4. Round Image

Your image will be displayed in a round format when this is enabled. If your image is not a square, it will be cropped to fit a circular shape.

5. Optional Button

Want to add a call to action? Insert text here, and a button will appear below your text and image. If you leave it empty, no button will be displayed.

Once you add text for a button, you'll have the ability to link it. Choose the destination for your button to direct to, ensuring your readers know where to go next. This can link to external sites or other pages within your site.

Sidebar text

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