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How to Create Magic Maps

Creating enchanting maps for your travel stories is straightforward with Magic Maps.

Creating a Magic Map: Step by Step

  1. Find Magic Maps: Go to your dashboard, click on "AI Blogger," and then the "Magic Maps" tab.
  2. Choose Your Places: List specific locations (like Paris, Lyon, etc.) or let the AI craft a route (like a Canada road trip).
  3. Create Map: Hit "create map" and patiently wait a moment.

Your freshly crafted maps will be publicly showcased under "Itineraries" on your profile.

Editing Your Magic Maps: How-to Guide

  • See Your Maps: All your maps are in the Magic Maps tab.
  • Edit Away: Click "edit" to adjust the title, journey duration (in days), rearrange or rename places, tweak descriptions, alter map pins, add new spots, or remove existing ones.
  • Preview and Save: Use the preview button to check your edits. Satisfied? Click "save changes" to keep them.

Embedding Maps in Your Post: A Quick Walkthrough

  • Embed It: Pick your map in the Magic Maps tab, then Click "embed" to copy a link to your itinerary.
  • Paste in EasyEditor: Use an "internal link" block to insert the itinerary link, enhancing your post with your interactive map.

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