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How to Use the AI Blogger

Using AI Blogger on TravelFeed can help you craft posts with a dash of automated creativity. Let’s dive into a simple guide on how to use this tool effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide to AI Blogger

  1. Navigate to AI Blogger: Find “AI Blogger” in your TravelFeed dashboard.
  2. Choose Your Travel Type: Select one or more travel styles that match your post.
  3. Define Word Count: Choose an approximate word count for your post.
  4. Pick a Writing Style: Select either "travel guide" or "storytelling".
  5. Opt for GPT-4: Choose GPT-4 for enhanced results, but be mindful it costs 20x more credits and requires pre-purchased credits.
  6. Location and Notes: Specify your post’s location (e.g., Paris, France) and provide detailed notes or travel diary entries.
  7. Generate Preview: Click "generate preview", wait, then review the generated table, intro, and table of contents. If it doesn’t match your vision, regenerate it. If it does, proceed to generate the full post.


  • Detailed Notes are Crucial: Without enough detailed notes, the AI may invent details, such as recommending non-existent hotels or eateries.
  • Review and Edit: AI Blogger creates a solid base but reviewing and tweaking the generated content is essential to avoid inaccuracies and add a personal touch. Always double-check facts!
  • Competing with AI: If aiming to rank on Google, remember you'll compete with other AI-generated content, so manually editing the post will give you an edge.

AI Blogger is here to assist, not replace. It’s a tool designed to help you create engaging travel blogs in a shorter time frame while allowing your own creativity and expertise to shine through in the final post.

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