Don't be too shocked! $5 for every single dish you order during the lunch hours at Ocean One Bar and Grill right on Las Vegas Strip!! That's surprising, huh? But is there any good? Let's find out!

You know Las Vegas is created to actually suck money out of your pocket as much as it can. Casino & Hotels, strip clubs, pubs, bars, fancy restaurants and all the buffet the city has to offer.

Before leaving the US to Peru, flying from Las Vegas was the most affordable flight at the time so we thought that was a great opportunity to go explore the Sin City and mmm.. Kev says they have the best chefs from around the world there. Could we be more excited?

Ocean One Bar & Grill under the #FOREVER blue sky..

Our first ever meal in this Las Vegas trip was the Classic White Castle, USA's first fast-food chain. Not too bad and I would actually put that on a Las Vegas Cheap Eats as well. Wait... Not that cheap of an eat no more since we found out about this $5 lunch just right on Las Vegas Strip, Ocean Bar and Grill. I'm still dang excited writing about this and so want to have that once more.. and maybe many times more.

Ocean One Bar & Grill is a casual dining option featuring American classics plus 3-for-1 drink specials and quite well-known for their $5 Lunch. This super-duper one of Las Vegas cheap eats is located in Miracle Mile Shops.

Walk into the shopping mall... it's like another whole world. More or less European style houses and building themes with the artificial sky that will always be blue even when the sun's already set. It wouldn't take you so much effort to find this place especially during the lunch hour from 11.30 AM - 5 PM. Ocean One Bar & Grill is completely packed bot at tables and around the bars. All so, that few big numbers you know you come for '$5'

$5 Lunch at Ocean One Bar & Grill

Ocean One Makes it affordable to eat out every day. With our world-famous $4.99 Menu - The great crazy inexpensive food and three for one drinks we all love <3 Yes, I do! I do!

Not gonna lie but I found out and became a big fan of this restaurant because watching some of the videos on All You Can Vegas Youtube Channel. Since we're not there for so many days, I did some research like crazy so that we could make the most out of it. Quite impressed with the research... How so? Well, look at all these food and drink we got for $5 each or less in Las Vegas! Dang!


Mahogany Glazed Lollipop Wings tossed with Scallions and Sesame Seeds

Everywhere we go, somehow, I just crave for all the wings! We had wings at Wing Stop for quite a few times during my stay in California this last visit. After seeing the word 'wings' on the oh-my-I'm-all-in $5 lunch, without any looking any further, we got the dish as an appy.

When it's served, I was a bit surprised of its look. Not like the Wing Stop, we're used to but Ocean One Bar & Grill make it more like the French style chicken lollipop with the well-flavored glaze all over. Nice switch up and oh, isn't it so yum! Next time, I would get this same one!


Mixed Greens, Pistachios, Orange Segments, Marinated Red Onions and Mango Vinaigrette and a biggie piece of salmon

This is such a great value for its price. How big of that salmon with all the fresh veggies. Love it how they combine pistachios into the salad quite perfectly. Refreshing, I likey like! If you're a salad person, I'm sure you would give it a thumb up as well.


Grilled Mahi, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Avocado and Habanero Aioli
Kevin once said, 'H$%^% no, I'm not paying for someone to make me a sandwich'. Once we're in Las Vegas and Ocean One Bar & Grill offer this $5 Lunch Caribbean Mahi Sandwich.

Kev: 'I want this sandwich for sure'.
Me: - - No comment,really. #lol

A really big piece of Mahi served on top of a bun. Along with a coleslaw that tastes almost like it's just a cabbage by itself and nothing else. It balances out the other flavors quite well though.

Seems like Fat Tuesday is popular for their frozen drink but believe me, Ocean One Bar & Grill's Alcoholic fruity slushy drinks ($3) is as refreshingly delicious. If I don't usually have that Asian flush just so quick, I would totally go for another one. Piña Colada, pineapple for the win then turned out, I like that bloody passion fruit one much more.

Now you're thinking, that many dishes with alcoholic drinks we got, that's way far than just $5 meal. Don't get me wrong. We had unlimited time in Las Vegas and Kev is a big boy. We would love to splurge ourselves and I want to become a 100lb girl soonish that's another reason so...

We're quite stuffed and that's almost our whole meal for the day until we found out that we moved to the AirBnb that's quite close to this super duper yummy Steak 'n Shake. Coulnd't help it!!!

Don't stop by at Miracle Mile shops just for $5 Lunch at Ocean One Bar & Grill

As mentioned before, it's a cute little artificial Europe over here. The sky's always blue. Many more shops to look around and maybe a bit of dessert or a few Tipsy Robots made cocktails to fill our foodie / drunken souls :)

Traveling in Las Vegas on a budget or not, I would still recommend you check out this decent restaurant, Ocean One Bar & Grill offers $5 lunch. It sure is one of the greatest values you would ever find in this sin city. One of those Las Vegas Cheap eats, indeed!

If you're not here in the city just yet and still looking for a place to stay. No kidding but the hotel service fees or State tax they charge you extra each night so, Airbnb is way to go if you're traveling on a budget as we do. Enjoy Las Vegas to the fullest! <3

Ocean One Bar & Grill
Address: 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
Tel: +1 702-696-9080
Hours :7:30AM–10:30PM **Lunch hour: 11.30AM-5PM
Official site:

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