Culture shock in Santiago, Chile

How can I survive 10 days here in Santiago, Chile...

I remember when I first got to Santiago, Chile. How much I was bitching about it. How hot it is, how much more expensive it is than in Peru the country I was, and all the dirty walls and the city itself is (some parts), the protests that were just right there right by a hostel I was staying it. It happened every day and I got hit by a tear gas once like wtf Chile (it's really hurting all my face, nose and throat).

Then I thought to myself, how could I be here for the next 10 days before my flight out to Brazil?

Yesterday was like my hangover-kind-of day (after 1 beer the night before #wow), I didn't feel like working. Nothing has been done. I felt like walking around so I went out and walked through the streets I hadn't actually explore much...

The city with the most painted wall in the world #lol

I was kind of joking but that could also be true...

Walking around in Santiago, Chile yesterday... I think I love the city, I love the graffiti and all the restaurants with all the international food they have to offer. It's so pretty here! Some might look a bit messy and dirty but still, it's colorful of walls!

This one made me thought of @captainbob :D

Maybe I just needed somedays to get used to Santiago, Chile

Santiago weather : First I was like, it's so freakin' hot and I sweat! Ironically said by a person born and raised in Thailand, that's right. Yesterday I feel like it's so nice of a weather here... Cozy in the blanket at night but during the day it was sunny out encouraging me to do things.

$10+ meal in South America, can you imagine?

Santiago Cost of living : Coming from Peru where you can find the small little huarique every here and there on the streets, I was freaked out by the prices here in Chile. The price is almost the same as in some states in the US plus the 10% tips seems to be every single place you go. Yesterday while walking around, I realised, the food is as good quality as in the US with the service and all that, you pay half the price as in California where I was living before a few months ago. That's nice!

The protests are there but they don't give a shit about you

They're there almost every single day. They do their own thing. If you're close, you will here them but if you're in some other parts of the city, you won't even know it's there in Santiago, Chile... I have been staying away from it so I don't even care no more. Let the mean Chilean police handle the situaton with their mean method. Tear gas, water gun and all that.

Keep calm, explore slowly and have some good food Santiago, Chile has to offer

There are sure a lot going on everyday, especially, with the crazy COVID-19 going on. They just annouced the border closing too so... Not much I could do here but live with it and try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Great food in the restaurants and the service is sure great. They need to ask you before you pay 'Propina?' so that you can decide to give them 10% tips or not... So yes, service is usually good here.

So many ice-cream and gelato places around as the weather is quite hot during the day. Chilean Mote con huesillo (peach drink with cooked husked wheat) is another thing that has become my favourite drink as it's so refreshingly delicious!


Artisanal ice-cream with a background like that, where else can you find it easily as Santiago, Chile...

Stay naturally cleaned while in Santiago, Chile

Another thing I love about it here is that they have so many health shops both for food and other personal care.. It was hard for me to find all-natural soap/shampoo or that sort of stuff while in Peru. At least, in Cusco where I spent most of my time there. Switching to the country with a bit more developed on all this satisfies me!

Yesterday I got an all-natural shampoo bar from a market I randomly walked by. It looks quite weird but it's natural and handcrafted. I'm so excited to try!

Even though there's already an annoucement about they are closing the border, we're still living life normally. So many people on all the street with no mask on. Literally none wears mask here... Not too sure if that's a good thing but the Sunday Market close to Plaza de Armas was lively and lovely with so many people strolling around.

I think I'm going to keep enjoying the charm of Santiago, Chile bit by bit until I know where I'm going next or would I stay here for a few more weeks. By far, I love Santiago, Chile a bit more and more every day. Also, I think the place we're staying really helps with the experience and what we think of the city itself, I found a really nice hostel here in Santiago I have been staying. Nice staff, well-located, great unlimited breakfast, and so many common area for you to enjoy your stay. Lovely! I have been staying in 5 hostel around and believe me, this one is affordable and is the best thus far :)

Hopefully I will stay safe and sound, the same to you!

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