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Dune buggy and sandboarding HUACACHINA, PERU 🇵🇪

Dune buggy and sandboarding HUACACHINA, PERU 🇵🇪

March 2020 · 4 min read · Ica

Here we go again, Huacachina, Peru! South America’s ONLY natural desert Oasis, the largest sand dunes and an extraordinary adventure tour called the dune buggy and sandboarding and believed to be the best spot to do the activities so, we went on that adventure.

Things to do in Huacachina, Peru?

Huacachina is small. It’s a desert oasis surrounded by restaurants (Limitation of restaurants around though we found some good ones.) , accommodations and tour agencies. That’s pretty much all we see there really. We're there for 3 days, time flies just by watching at the beautiful dunes and people walking by around the oasis all day but honestly, 1 day would just be enough here if you don't have that much time.

Hike one of the largest sand dunes in South America

Besides Dune buggy and sandboarding, this is totally something to do if you're already there. You can do it in the early morning when there's not many people doing the same thing or you can do it a bit later in the evening with all hundreds of people. During the day though, really not recommended. Imagine walking in a desert during the day with the extreme heat, yeah, you would be doing that but a bit worse as you would actually be hiking up. No, not a good idea.

Unlike Dune buggy and sandboarding, by doing this, there's no need to pay for the entrance fee. We did that one evening. The hiking part, of course, was dead tiring. Though, once you get up top and look down at the Huacachina desert oasis, it's amazing! Then you look on the other side of the dune...Holy, we're actually in a desert! Crazy!

We could just walk around, sit and chill, watch the sunrise/sunset and even do some lovely picnic. Imagine a picnic in a desert! Not many places in the world we could do this just every evening as we wish, are there?

Dune buggy and sandboarding

If it's not for these 2 unique activities we could do in Huacachina, Peru, I don't think we would have visited there...

Then when you're ready for some adrenaline-pumping activities, just head to one of the tour agencies. There are a dime a dozen. We went with Mario Tour, his small office is hidden in a small alley not so far from Restaurant Oasis de América, the place we ate at.

Reasons we went Dune buggy and sandboarding with Mario Tour:

  • He got his own gears including the professional sandboarding gear
  • Less pricey than the other ones

The price could vary from S/ 25-60 for the group tour. At Mario's, it's S/ 25 for the group tour and S/ 40 each for the private then S/ 20 more if you want to use their professional sandboarding gear.

Be warned :

  • It's hella hot, sunglasses and sunscreen needed
  • When they say it's an adrenaline-pumping activity, it is. The dune buggy is like being on an actual roller coaster and the sandboarding down the dune was real high.

I screamed like there's no tomorrow. Watch it in VR here :)

FYI: 2 types of sandboarding you could enjoy in Huacachina, Peru
The free kiddy board where you can lay on your belly and the one where you have the proper gear that you pay extra for, around your feet and ankle, this one you can stand... Both are quite scary, at least, for me.

The photos and video shot with this 360 camera

It's lovely. I'm glad to have visited Huacachina but it's more like a one-time thing. Not much to do but Dune buggy and sandboarding, still quite lovely. Watching sunset and sunrise on the dune, having some food or drinks at the balconies watching the beauty of South America’s ONLY natural desert Oasis was something we don't experience that often. Give it a go if you have a chance when in Peru:)

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