Prenn falls near Dalat, Vietnam is full of surprises. We expected Prenn falls to be pretty and serene. And it was. We expected a few quiet moments enjoying the sights and sounds of the waterfall. And we had them. We did NOT expect the raucous fun of riding an ostrich – and an elephant – and then a water buffalo! But we rode all 3, as we enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the falls near Dalat Vietnam. It was the best of both worlds. We had some quiet moments under the falls that were very romantic and intimate. And we had some hilariously fun moments with the animals that were very public and captured for us by professional photographers.


The real charm and beauty of Prenn waterfall is its apparent fragility. Prenn waterfall looks like a delicate, liquid curtain billowing in a gentle breeze. The falling water appears so light and airy because Prenn is an overhang waterfall. The water flows right off the cliff edge and free falls to the lagoon below.

And you can sneak behind the liquid curtain.

The rockface behind the waterfall has been eroded over the millennia creating the overhang. You can walk under the overhang and get right behind the falls for a moment that is as peaceful as it is beautiful.

When we were at Prenn, we were able to spend several minutes alone behind the falls. The overhang at Prenn is completely natural. We marveled at the natural history of this special little spot.

We imagined the thousands and thousands of years it took the gentle waters of Prenn to carve out our romantic hideaway, and we just felt so lucky to be there – and together.

The beauty of Prenn extends beyond the purely natural, though. The grounds surrounding the waterfall is a nice, little park – a very well manicured park.

Some complain that the human intervention has spoiled the experience of “pristine, untouched nature,” but we disagree. You can have a very relaxing time strolling around the gardens, breathing in the fresh air scented by the towering pine trees, and enjoying the amusing gold painted statues.

You can even take a romantic carriage ride!

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Or a cable car over falls.

To the Prenn staff, we say: “We love what you’ve done with the place.”

Even the rope bridge was also a lot more fun than we thought it would be. We knew it was safe, but every step was so wobbly – it was a mild thrill. We had a big laugh crossing it.


The animal rides at Prenn were such a blast! These were some of the most fun and memorable moments of the whole trip. We saw people riding ostriches in a movie several years ago, and since then, it has been on our bucket list.

It never even crossed our minds that we could ride ostriches in Vietnam. We thought you could only do it Australia or Africa, but we were so happy to be wrong.

So you think the ostrich is a shy animal that buries its head in the sand? That’s the stereotype, but in person, these birds are lively. I even got a big peck on the head when I turned to take a selfie with the big bird.

The timing was too perfect. We think they train the ostriches to punish people who take selfies. It was a big laugh for everyone around.

Riding an ostrich was a wacky thrill. The ostriches are eager to go, and they just blast off. We definitely were not prepared for such a quick start, but we just held on tight. They eventually slowed down, but the ride was just as zany.

With only 2 legs, their weight shifts side to side with every step. This makes for a pleasantly harrowing ride. You always feel on the brink of falling. Take it from us. It’s really hard not to laugh when you realize that you are actually riding a giant bird!

The elephant ride was not as wacky, but it was just as fun. We were supposed to ride through a nearby stream, but our elephant had other ideas. Our handler did his best, but weighing 3-4 tons, the elephant was clearly in charge. She paraded around with a regal and rhythmic sway. The power and grace of this mammoth creature amazed us.

Last was the mythical water buffalo. It is a leading symbol of Vietnam – one that the Vietnamese people still uphold. The water buffalo represents gentle strength and an enduring work ethic. It was an honor to ride one bareback.

The bareback water buffalo ride was the most intimate connection with an animal that day. The only thing between us and the buffalo were the blankets. And we only had them because the buffalos were just out of the water and soaking wet. Bareback! No saddle, no driver, no training, and no problem.

The raw power of this gentle beast is unmistakable. With every step, the massive back muscles flexed and rippled and shifted us around as if we were weightless. It wasn’t a fast ride or a twisty ride, but every second you feel like you are on the brink of danger. These guys are some of the gentlest creatures around, but their sheer size and power are so intimidating. The bareback ride was exhilarating fun.

There is so much fun to be had at Prenn waterfall. It is one of the top 4 falls near Dalat Vietnam. We had a blast at Prenn. Don’t miss it whenever you visit Dalat.