I came back from my family vacation a week ago. It was a wonderful tour. Not only I have enjoyed the natural beauty but also I have enjoyed a lot of shopping. And one of the memorable places from my shopping tour is "Shugondha Beach Point Burmese Market".

This is a huge market. There are almost a hundred shops around this place. You can get to buy different handicrafts, bags, shoes, clothes, ornaments, artificial jewelry, showpieces, candy, chocolate, nuts, pickles, and many more things. The area is fully packed with uncountable things.

The place is the heart of the Cox's Bazar city, Bangladesh. And it's beside the sea beach. So, it's a tourists place too. You can buy, enjoy and see at a time.




You see, this is just the beginning. As this is a 'beach market', I mean the place is just a hundred meters away from the beach so you can buy different showpieces made out of seashells. They are so colorful and well finished. The best thing is the price is not that high.


Now, the jewelry market. I have never seen so many colorful jewelries at one place, to be honest. The shops were like dazzling with the colors.




You can see, the packets and bottles! They are skincare items from Myanmar. They say that it's made out of Sandalwood and 100% natural, though I didn't buy any.




This is the women's jewelry area of the market. They have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and whatnot. And they are really very cheap in price but the quality is very good.



Beach hat, anyone? Before going to the beach you can buy hats from here at very a reasonable price.

The market is also popular for beach flip-flops. You will find a hundred designs and collections of them. Also, the market got a different area for the famous pickles, candy, and chocolates.



If you want to collect some souvenirs from your tour, if you want to buy different products at a reasonable price, if you want to buy gift items; this is the perfect place in Cox's Bazar- Bangladesh. Also, as this is just beside the sea beach so you can enjoy the sea and have a little shopping at a time.

I hope you enjoy my clicks. All photos are captured by me from 'Shugondha Beach Point Burmese Market'.

Much Love


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