What's up foodies?

For this week, I will be featuring Juanito's Kitchen N' Café. I've been in this place for 4 times already, and I've always loved the food every time.

My favorite is their boodle fight.

They have around 5 food combinations in their menu. During that dinner, we ordered this set: beef steak, buttered shrimp, calamares, pancit canton, fried eggplant, pork barbecue, fish kinilaw and salted egg.

We spent around 1,500Php ($30) including drinks. We were 5 and it was already enough for all of us. We were so full actually. The serving is really big and the price is a bit expensive but reasonable considering that it was really delicious.

Loved how they prepare the food, its like home-cooked. The boodle fight is what keeps me coming back to this place. By the way, the fish kinilaw made me want to eat more rice. LOL.


They are located at Corner Burgos M. H. del Pilar Downtown, Tacloban, Leyte Province 6500 Philippines.


The place opens around 10:00 in the morning and closes at 10 o'clock in the evening.


They have really accommodating staff. They greeted us the moment we entered the place and assisted us to where we wanted to be seated. They quickly responds and makes sure you have everything you need. They are polite and nice, which is a big factor (for me).


Its generally clean. Its not crowded when we went there. The temperature is just right, not hot or too cold. I love the yellow lights, it adds beauty and sets the mood despite the simplicity of the interior. The atmosphere is nice, but you gotta keep your voice really low when talking because the area is small and everyone could hear you. LOL.

This is the whole place, but they have tables and chairs at the 2nd floor which is mainly for events like birthdays, seminars etc.


They don't have wifi connection and that's really sad. Haha. Internet is like one of the most important things in the world right now. Its not a want, its one of our necessities already. 🤣


If you're craving for some Filipino dishes in Tacloban, I'd say Juanito's is one of the places you should consider. I really love how they cook their food (I'm actually craving right now. Haha.) The only thing though, you should be prepared for the food to be served in let's say about 30-40 minutes. Its probably because we ordered boodle fight, they needed to set it up, so it takes a bit longer.

I'll give it a 4 (out of 5) rating for the whole dining experience.

Thanks for dropping by! Keep steeming everyone! :)