[Adapted from [@brazentravelthoughts](


I can’t believe it’s already been a year. A year since I packed my 45L & 18L and set off for the adventure of a lifetime. Nothing could have prepared me for the experiences I’ve had since I stepped foot on that plane in Newark.

I’ve visited 10 new countries, learned how to drive a motorbike, completed my 200h Vinyasa YTT, earned up to my AOW scuba certification, finished my TEFL certification, became attuned to provide Reiki healing, embraced my inner Divine Goddess, visited countless UNESCO World Heritage sites, learned some Thai, and have shared hundreds of beautifully serendipitous conversations.

What I’ve come to realize is that my life will be anything but conventional – and I’m SO excited. I’ve become a student of Gaia and she’s teaching me something new every day. To be patient, to be aware, to be present, to breathe.

I don’t share this to brag, but to show you how expansive our world is. For so long I thought I had to stay in one lane, however I’m learning that my abilities span over maaany. My eyes and heart are bigger than ever and my wishes and desires seem endless, maybe even to a fault. I’m beginning to recognize the intention of my journey. One challenge opens the door to another opportunity. A new friendship deepens my understanding of pure light energy. My students teach me unconditional love and patience. My yoga teaching and practice teach me discipline.

Living abroad has taught me more about myself than I have learned in the last 24 years. If you’re scared of stepping out of your comfort zone, let this be the permission you’ve been looking for. Grab a backpack and your passport, board that plane on your own, and open your heart to a world of possibilities. Take a chance on yourself. Trust that you have the ability to create your own future. Listen to your guides when they whisper.... you might just enjoy where they end up taking you✨