Hello everyone, Welcome back to my today's travel blog. I and my friend very recently went Ambalangoda area for boat tour. That was most interesting journey like as Madu river trip. Both environment very similar with mangrove Eco system.We were lucky enough to experience a variety of lush mangroves and bird species.

Climate was very deserve to boat tour. The Madampa River Boat Tour was a wonderful experience. We got into the boat with life jackets. In front of us seemed small bridge for crossing vehicles on the river.

Going south from Ambalangoda you will find Madampagama. Near this is the Madampa River, a stream that kisses the sea. The Madampa River is truly a natural lake. Located in Batapola area east of Ambalangoda town.

Our boat driver explained the different names of the plants and animals we passed on our way. We were able to practically experience the biological lessons of mangrove ecosystems and the environment impressed me.

Three birds flying over the river for hunting fish. Their eyes so powerful to see under the water. Within one second fish will catch by them.

Exactly Madampa river is a bird's paradise. I didn't know some birds names before met them. Also Madampa river has various bio-diversity. The lake has been declared a sanctuary with its precious mangroves, islands and lakes. The Madampa River is a beautiful and quiet ecosystem with a large water pool.

The Madampa River is also a unique place to see the abundance of ginpol trees. On either side of the bank, you can see the windmill.

The lake is made up of mangroves such as karankoku, flower kadol and maha kadol and mangroves. We were fortunate to see various species birds. They stayed on that mangrove trees.

Yes..Madampa river has similar characteristics to Madu river. There was oldest temple. Very clearly seemed white color dagoba. Also temple's hall could see since some distance. Madampa river location entered to southern province in Sri Lanka. There are more Buddhists living around here. Boat driver said these temple is Delduwa temple.

The journey around the Delduwa Temple, among the many islands in the middle of the river, its perimeter in the middle of the water, and the sounds of the birds in the surrounding trees.

Madampa river tour very interesting tour if you join with it. Because you can feel cool winds, bird's noises, see various species mangrove trees and plants. Also you can feel amazing ride experience on the river waves. After spent two hours there we came to the land. Madampa river very close location for myself. Thanks for visiting. See you again.