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Journey to The Sinharaja Rain Forest In Sri Lanka.

Journey to The Sinharaja Rain Forest In Sri Lanka.

January 2020 · 4 min read · Southern Province

Hello everyone, Welcome back. Yesterday evening time fully dedicated to hike Sinharaja rain forest and the mountain with my friend. We used Galle - Akuressa main road. Then Akuressa to Deniyaya and then Sinharaja forest. That's not difficult hike because anyone can drive vehicle to top of the mountain. Both of us went from motor bike.

We could see Sinharaja mountain range since main road after passed 2km from Deniyaya. So Immediately stopped my bike and then captured it. We should drive safely as the highway is mostly windy. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve has received international attention and has been designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site.

>*Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park spread over 11250 hectares in the range of 300-1170 m in the Rakwana range in the southwest of the central hills of Sri Lanka.*

We spend 2.5 hours for reached Sinharaja forest since Galle city. We entered to the forest zone. The road is narrow. So we need to drive very slowly to the top. If some person do careless drive, their and other peoples life will be risky. There are so many tea estates.

There are more villagers work in these tea estates like as whole family. I could talked with one family. Their house is very small and poor life spending yet. But they had only few necessary needs to their life. I felt how their life is difficult.

In our walking ways more highest trees growing. It's very stronger and showing it's proud to the Sinharaja forest. We still waited to go top of the hill because there had tremendous visuals than down of the forest.

We started to walked to hill through tea estates. Everywhere was very cool because green nature's provide every needs to nature lovers like me.

Due to the thick vegetation, wildlife like Yala is not easily seen here. So we didn't want to think of animals. But they were used to guard against snakes and leeches.

There was some stones placed for take little bit rest. After the sitting on the stone I could see beautiful landscape through my eyes. Seems like not difficult to hike than other mountains previously I climbed. Yeah..that's true.

I captured beautiful wild flowers. In this plant similar sizes yellow and orange color flowers blossomed. I didn't knew what's the name of this plant. But Sinhala meaning is *Gandhapana.*

From the other side I could see Rakwana mountain range previously I visited. But I couldn't posing yet. In this place I thought I'm in Ambewela village because Sinharaja forest show very similar part of it.

This giant fern species is endemic to the Sinharaja. It grows to two to five meters in height. There was so many giant fern plants like as bunches.

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It's one species of wild flower fallen on to earth. It had beautiful looks. So I captured it. I bring only mobile camera there because we went there without camping. If I camping at night somewhere definitely I bring those equipment.

>*To the east of the reserve is a distance of west to west. 21km and maximum distance from North to South It is a sanctuary for endangered species including mangroves, amphibians, reptiles, birds.*

On this place I've heard nice bird's noises. I faced very relaxation moment. I couldn't captured them. They all stayed top of the trees. Birds often tend to behave as collective flocks in search of food. So various species bird groups here.

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Down side of the mountain I had heard water flows sound. So I discovered whole area. Then I found some water flow way. Yeah...That's nice place to wash face or bathe. We tried to reach that location with clearing way. However I couldn't go nearest way with some plants. My main purpose was only climb mountain.

With some difficult and simple efforts finally me and my friend reached our destination. That was pretty cool moment. My friend never visited Sinharaja rain forest previously. So he enjoyed much than me. I missed to bathe there. Sinharaja forest has very safe locations to the bathe and enjoyment. In this journey I have seen some plastic bottles, cigarette packets and beer caans everywhere inside of the forest. I want to request all, If you want to visit Sinharaja forest please don't put non decaying directly to the environment. Thanks for visiting.

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