Well, like a night, evening, to be precise. It opens around 5 p.m., and at 10 p.m. already 99% of the total market is closed, only fruit juices remain, but I don’t know how long they are. But they are on the edge near the road itself. Apparently, it’s important, because people go for walks at night, on the contrary they play on the volleyball court under spotlights until late, and, apparently, there is someone to drink freshly squeezed juices.
I find these markets to be one of the best places to have dinner. And indeed it is. Everything is freshly prepared, everything is laid out as it is, for every taste, for any absolutely human, at quite reasonable prices for food.
Exhibited on the market absolutely everything that can be tasty for you. I tried to photograph one type of each department, but I will say right away that there are several departments with the same assortment on the market. But some (for example, Russian food with horns and meatballs), in one quantity. Ribs in grill - also in one version.
That is, some departments one at a time, some two, some three. Apparently, everyone has enough space and buyers-eaters.
Fresh fish, a huge selection of seafood, grilled chicken, hot soups, sushi, barbecue, kebabs, sweets are different, the bread is very different fresh - a sea of ​​everything you can eat deliciously.

I recommend this market to everyone.

I photographed only half of the market where food is. There is another half of the market with clothes, shoes and souvenirs. Everything is standard there, I did not look at prices.
But, if you need it and it is interesting, then this market is the place where you can first have a tasty meal, and then cool to shop. Or vice versa.

And now a photo of the snacks.
Prices are all in baht.

Here they are, fruit juices. And there are several such departments on the market. And the prices are different. From 20 to 25 baht. If you pay attention, the fruits are already laid out in glasses in a different assortment. Everyone can choose for themselves the mix that he likes. All this will be mixed, added ice, beaten and shown to you immediately in a bag and with a straw.
The bag interested me this time. This is not a bag. This is the top of the bag with a handle without a bottom, a kind of bezel with a handle on a glass. The first time I saw. And what? Very comfortably. Why waste material on an entire cup holder if you can simplify things? It’s a pity, I didn’t think of taking a picture.

Grilled ribs. The seller will cut you off as much as you want, throw it on the scales, heat it right there on fire.

Where without shawarma?

The most different fish.

For those who like to gnaw bones. :)))

Oh, but I couldn’t take a picture of the land department for several minutes, there is a crowd. There were constantly crowding a lot of people who closed my review.

I had to step back and take a picture of the whole assortment for you.

Kebabs, kebabs, chicken, beef. Immediately toasted bread with onions in butter. The seller will put everything in a bag for you, and you will either go to the tables, which are many on the food court, or you will take with you and eat on the go.

Sea of seafood. :)))

Bread and pastries. See the bottom left buns with cinnamon and raisins in fondant. We bought them. I can eat them endlessly and a lot .... We take care of the figure. :)))

Russian food: pasta, meatballs, barbecue .... Immediately from the side it is clear that this is something Russian. Only such a department is there. Very testy.

.... with steaks laid out in portions in the same department.

For those who love vermicelli, spaghetti, rice vermicelli and sprouted wheat germ.

And again, a sea of seafood ...

... and kebabs.

You can dial everything in a plate like this.

Omelets with differences were cooked here.

Everything for the grill.

And I’ll end with seafood, how beautiful and healthy it is.

Drooling? Om-Nom-nom. :)))

Once again I will say that I recommend this evening eating market to everyone, both in terms of price, variety, usefulness and goodness.

All photos from the personal archive of the author.To be continued.

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