As promised, I posted a video on my YouTube channel about our walk yesterday.

I had to go to the store, at the same time I decided to see how and what was around.
And then, you know, as in the old - old joke about the programmer:
- I'm on the street.
- What are you, there is a hurricane!
- Why do you think so?
- It’s written on the Internet.
- Have you tried to look out the window? (spoiler: outside the window there is a blue sky and bright sun, a great day).

So it is with us. You sit at home, everywhere news and videos that make you feel sick, my mother every day says that they are showing on TV (she watches only 1 channel), it’s good that my mother is very good at the Internet when she’s 72 years old, which gives her the opportunity to watch that I throw her. But the habit of watching channel 1 and 2 at this age remains with almost everyone, there is no way to remake people here, and few own the Internet at 70. And Internet ownership helps to more or less sober up the brain in terms of viewing real news instead of fake ones.

The day before yesterday, a good video on YouTube was posted by a guy from Wuhan, I recommend it to everyone, I will give it also below.
Because the person lives right there, is right there right now, he also went to the store, like we did yesterday, and laid out everything that was happening around (spoiler: everything is calm in Wuhan).

I’ll tell you about the measures taken in China in a separate post, as I also promised yesterday, because there you really need to write separately in detail why, what and how to do it, where and what is the excesses, what is the purpose of “overdoing, than not overdoing” ( spoiler: the Chinese are still well done).

Well, and I want to say that thank you to everyone who reads and looks, and who says thank you for writing and spreading it, because, it turns out, many are now in a strange state of misunderstanding what is happening, for what, and what really happens.
Apparently, we should still write, although I did not want to be included in this agenda.

So, a video from my YouTube.

1. We went outside, the first video from our street, how everything is around.
Voice acting in Russian. Everything is calm, someone walks in a mask, someone without a mask, people walk.

2. Next, a walk around the area towards the supermarket. People in masks and without masks.

3. I went to our local supermarket, specially shot a report from the grocery store, so that everyone would see the availability of products.

4. Specially entered the market of vegetables, fruits and meat, the market where we always buy.

5. As when passing into the garden, people measure temperature.

6. After the supermarket and the market, we went for a walk along the street. I just took passers-by, those on a bicycle, runners who run in a mask. :)))

7. Specially rented restaurants that operate, and explained why many restaurants are closed. Most of the Chinese leave home during the New Year holidays. And such a picture - every year on New Year's holidays. This is a completely normal occurrence.

8. And here I rented shops in our area, those that work and those that are still on holidays.

9. And I give a reference to yesterday’s video of the dude from Wuhan. From the origin of the virus, so to speak.

Watch and sleep peacefully.

About fakes in the media and the real state of affairs, read my article yesterday.

About coronavirus today - in fact.