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Trip to Sarang Cave : The Hidden Beauty from Almighty

Trip to Sarang Cave : The Hidden Beauty from Almighty

January 2020 · 6 min read · Sabang

Are you planning a vacation to Sabang City, Aceh, Indonesia? it's a good idea to take the time to visit Sarang Cave which is located at the cliff foot and the hill of the forest of Pulau Weh which juts into the blue sea. There are seven caves of swiftlet and bats, you can trace it one by one when the seawater is receding.

Just imagine, here you will be treated by the charm of the stone cave walls that stand firmly at the foot of the cliffs and hills with the dense forest and clear seawater. To reach the mouth of the cave there are two ways. First, you are advised to use a speed boat but the price at around 200 thousand rupiahs, maybe expensive, but the scenery is very beautiful. Second, you walk down the steep stairs, then walking on the rocks for 30 minutes and of course, it is free. When you have arrived at the Sarang Cave, all was paid by the beautiful scenery that hypnotizes you and you don't want to go home early.

In my opinion, if you want to eliminate fatigue and repression from work that drains your mind, this place very suitable place for you because it has a very calming appeal and our heart always be educated to be grateful for God's almighty creation.

There is an interesting one when we arrived there. We were greeted with a unique thing from a collection of butterflies perched on dry grass. I don't know what the name of the grass is, but it becomes a magnet for other butterflies. It seems like the butterflies really like it and I capture it in my camera.

After satisfied see the butterfly, then let's see the true beauty of nature. Yes, here it is the scenes that I captured in my camera. Starting with a good view from the top of the hill, where the seawater looks blue, there is a small boat there and you can see how beautiful the combination of mountains, dense forests, blue sea and stand rocks inside the sea. Here you can also play swing and if in the photo you seem to be flying over the sea. Amazing.

Before going down the stairs, you can stop briefly to buy enough water and food in this shop, there are several types of seafood sold here, but we did not try it because we do not yet arrive the main goal. When going down the stairs you should be careful because this ladder is quite steep with a slightly shorter footing. For us, to go down the stairs maybe not tired, but I see how tired the other visitors when going up. This is why several seats provided here to rest.

In the down or near the beach, you will find a good view there, there is a swing under the shade of a tree, good location to take more photo here. Someone has waited there, he offers you a service to use his speedboat to see the seven Caves. How about us? we refuse it because we just want to walk. Tired is certain and walking on a rock is not easy, if you place your foot wrong at once, you can get injured.

It takes about 30 minutes to walk on the rock, then we can see the first cave, this cave has a smaller mouth than the others, if you look at this photo, the mouth of the cave looks very dark from the outside, it's clearly a sign how deep the cave. I step close to the mouth of this cave, but I do not see anything. So, I just take pictures again here.

At the location of this first cave, there are two hills of the rock, I think this is not a hill because too small, but still good to be the background of photography. I have seen that someone was climbing the rock hill here without safety and taking a selfie up there. So careless. When taking a picture I also see some foreign visitors riding a speed boat to see this beauty and they are just staying in a speedboat to see all of this. I don't think it's interesting, because they don't feel the sensation of walking. Hahaha

In the second location, we had to hear a sad one news, why? This happened because the seawater began to rise, the road could not be passed again there. I see some visitors insisted to going there, but when seawater waves hit them several times, they returned and of course they were wet.

Finally, we can only take a few pictures from a distance. Here we only see three caves plus the first one, so we only saw four caves. Where another cave? it is behind the hill there. Even though we can't see it all, we are still happy because we are witnesses of the beauty of nature here. The biggest question is who gave all this? Of course, God gave this all. Let's keep thanks to God and all of this not in vain.

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The entrance ticket to this place is very cheap, only 5 thousand rupiahs, to rent land transportation to this place from the city of Sabang, only about 100,000 per day, all day after this place you still have time to go to another place. Because this happened to me, so wait for my story about another place in Sabang. Greetings and blessing all traveller. Thank @travelfeed.

Keep spirit...!!!

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All Picture was taken originally by me, using Canon EOS 800D, Location: Aceh, Indonesia
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