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The story of the land of Hilsha in Chandpur

The story of the land of Hilsha in Chandpur

January 2020 · 2 min read

Lohagarh Monastery: - An ancient monastery of about four to seven centuries old is situated on the bank of river Dakatia in Lohagar village of Faridganj upazila of Chandpur. Loh and Gohar were the brothers of two oppressive zamindars, after whom the name of this village became Lohagar. It is learned that the brothers of the two zamindars built the monastery. Initially there were five monasteries as well, but there are currently three monasteries remaining.


Rupsa zamindar house Jame mosque: - If the steps of the zamindar move a few steps through the entrance of the house, this mosque built by the old craft will fall to the right. When looking at the mosque, Nayan gets involved.

Hilsa IV: - Chandpur is the country of Hilsa. As a result, the Ilish quadrant is a symbol of a tradition of Chandpur. This square will be located next to the bus stand to reach the car with Sadar Upazila!

Blood Strike Memorial: - It is an establishment or memorial made in memory of the freedom fighters martyrs of Chandpur district. During the War of Liberation many freedom fighters were killed in Chandpur. The 'Blood Blood Memorial' was erected at a large station in Chandpur in memory of them.

Rupsa Zamindar House: - This zamindar house is located in the village of Rupsa in Faridganj upazila, the ancient town of Chandpur district. In the center of Rupsa Bazaar, the house has been witness to the time for nearly two and a half hundred years. The Rupsa Zamindar house is not as worn as other Zamindar houses. There are three separate buildings in the landlord's house. There are also tin houses, ponds, mosques, cemeteries and green fields.

Hajiganj Hajiganj Historical Large Mosque: The Hajiganj Historical Large Mosque, located in Hajiganj in Chandpur district, is one of the largest mosques in the subcontinent. Haji Ahmad Ali Patwari founded Hajiganj Historic Large Mosque in 8th Bangabandh in 7 AD. About 3,000 Muslims can pray together at this huge mosque, measuring around 25,7 square feet. And the largest mosque of Jumaatul Bida 'was held in this mosque in Bangladesh. The sixth largest mosque in Bangladesh has a magnificent tower about 5 feet high.

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