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All Saints Church, Cemetery And A Tea Godown

All Saints Church, Cemetery And A Tea Godown

February 2020 · 4 min read · Tamil Nadu

Coonoor is a quaint, tiny, beautiful town. Even if you think about avoiding the tourist attractions, you just find them on your way, accidentally. All saints church is one such listed place famed for its colonial architecture and a century old cemetery attached to it.

It was another day for me and Chi to just walk in Coonoor but in another direction. We found All Saints Church by accident. It seemed to have locked at the time we reached but there was an entrance through another gate, which was directed by the caretaker of the church.

The church was closed but the place was beautiful. We were pretty much alone till we found an old lady with a kid. They left in sometime and then we were the only ones there in the middle of a closed church and an open cemetery.

Church had an interesting architecture, perfect symmetry to its side wings and pillars. All of it contributed as a reminder of a long gone past. there was this tiny staircase that leads to the rooftop and it was locked.

From the look of the notice board it seems like the church is still functioning. Each corner of the church was a good place for photographing the modern trending minimalist designs. I love how this simple red door added a lot of character to the church.

If you are into creating pics for the gram, then this place has a lot of cool spots for that (Not at the time of services).

What attracted us to the place was the trees and plants here. From the far itself the long trees with the needle like leaves were very distinguishable. They looked so soothing and the weather added to the beauty of it. How many times have I already said Coonoor is just perfect in my previous blogs!!

All saints church maintained a very well decorated colour combination with the bright flowers and greenery around it.

An arch of vines leads to the cemetery which is not far or separated from the church like the normal churches. There are these steps, built old and remains the same that reaches to many old tombs.

It was a cemetery nevertheless but since it has aged a lot it has become a place to visit. There were a few things that did make us look around for a few minutes. It was these crosses and the quotes written in old English.

It was a cemetery nevertheless but since it has aged a lot it has become a place to visit. There were a few things that did make us look around for a few minutes. It was these crosses and the quotes written in old English.

From there we were going back and we had already noticed this building that had a logo which said 1965. I was curious what it was and the doors were open. Turned out it was a godown (warehouse) of tea.

From one of the conversations we had with someone, I was told about a place where the auctions take place for tea and people bought from there. It was that place, an Electronic Tea auction center. The building we saw is where the tea powder is stored.

We were allowed to take a look inside. You know how we casually say “tons of it”, well, there were literally tons of tea powder sacks. All arranged on top of each. If I remember correctly the lower ground collected around 30K. That’s a lot of tea powder!

There were these cute little things too inside the godown. Like this old kettle and the wooden stairs that go to the lower floor. And of course it was another “gram worthy” place we accidentally found and kindly let in.

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When we were about to leave, the person who managed the place came with us and opened the upper story door for us. That was so kind of him and unexpected. There were another ton of tea sacks there.

There were these grey colour bags that laid around filled with tea powder. They were testers of different quality. The tea powders of many different brands went from here.

Coonoor and the Nilgiris is one of the exporters of tea owing to their climate.Though he explained I don’t think I remember them exactly. The whole place smelled tea, in a good way.

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We were told about the high gardens tea factory as a great to visit but we kind of got satisfied with visiting this godwon :D

A greenery filled church ground in silence and a lot of smiling faces with tones of tea sacks, all in a perfect weather. That was a great day!

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