The situation in Italy is dramatic. The number of infected at 03/15/2020 is over 20,000 infected, but the alarming figure is the number of deaths: over 1800. The most difficult situation is recorded in some regions of Northern Italy: Lombardy, the region in which Milan is located, alone has over 8,000 infected people, many are at home in isolation for 14 days but a part is in the hospital, in very serious conditions.

The data speak of a constant daily increase in infections and deaths. The peak is expected on March 18, then the data should fall ... I hope ... The numbers of the healed are on the rise, over 2000 people to date. Italy is currently in lockdown: it is forbidden to go out or circulate in the cities except for work, health, shopping or out of necessity reasons ...

All those who leave are provided with a self-certification for police checks. Those who disobey are sanctioned with a fine of 200 euros and risk up to 3 months in prison. The situation is really serious and we have been stuck at home for almost 2 weeks. All premises, restaurants, shopping centers or commercial activities are closed. Currently the only open activities are supermarkets and pharmacies, as well as some post offices and banks.

People across the nation, however, have started to implement flash mobs so that some life is brought back to the streets: every evening at 18:00 people sing songs, play, prepare DJ sets from the balconies or windows of the house and try to spend some time in joy, trying to play down the heavy situation a little. The streets are deserted and I admit it's really strange ... Surreal ...

The consequence of the contagion of the northern regions has provoked an exodus towards the southern regions by all those people transferred to these regions for work or study reasons. The southern regions, including Puglia where I live, have monitored these flows and at the entrance of the stations or highways there are police stations to control the entrances. Flights are now suspended throughout Italy and moving around is impossible, only for serious reasons of necessity, as I have already written above.

This situation has unfortunately influenced the normal lifestyle for all of us, traveling is impossible, even just to visit the neighboring city. My thoughts, however, are addressed to all the medical staff who are facing grueling shifts in crowded hospitals, often without basic materials such as masks, a big problem because they are unavailable on the market due to the great demand. China is helping our doctors to better cope with the epidemic by providing materials such as masks and respirators.

It is a very difficult time for our nation but a bit for the whole world. A positive slogan that has now become an anthem is Everything will be fine (Andrà Tutto Bene), a good wish and an encouragement to be positive!


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