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Yunnan Travel Notes (4)-Lion Rock, Wangu Building--云南游记(四)--狮子山,万古楼

Yunnan Travel Notes (4)-Lion Rock, Wangu Building--云南游记(四)--狮子山,万古楼

January 2020 · 3 min read · Lijiang City

Lion Rock in Lijiang, Yunnan also belongs to the central area of the ancient city. Because the shape of the mountain is very much like a sleeping lion, it is called Lion Rock. On Lion Rock next to Lijiang's ancient city, Wangu Tower is the highest point in this area and the best place to overlook the ancient city because the ancient city scenic spot has high restrictions on the city's construction.

After we visited the Mufu, we went in from the back of the Mufu and came to the Mufu viewing platform, where we could see the ancient city buildings surrounding under the Lion Rock. If you go further up, you will come to the entrance of Lion Rock. You need to buy tickets here, which are separate from those of Mufu. Then you will come to Lion Rock.

After our last tour of Mufu, the tour guide said that he would take us to the back to have a drink of tea. It turned out that at the end of the day, he would have to sell tea, including Mufu's special hemorrhoid tea, white snow tea and black tea. After drinking tea, we walked up the corridor, above which was Lion Rock.



After buying the tickets, we came here directly. Lion Rock Scenic Area. We walked up the sign. We were going to the highest Wangu Building on Lion Rock. Along these steps, I saw many ancient



The Wangu Building is five storeys high. It is said that there are 9999 dragons painted inside, and 10,000 dragons in the Panlong caisson. The painting on the top is very beautiful. The shape of the dragon's mouth reflects the legend that the dragon can spit water. It is intended to have the implication that water can control fire and eliminate disasters.

On the first floor, there are some painted stories. I will sort them out in the next travelogue and share them with you.

My son and I continued to walk upstairs. We came to the highest place, where the wind was very strong and it was extremely cool. We were in a good mood. There are four sides in the Wangu Building, and you can see the scenery in all directions of the market. In the north, you can see the beautiful Yulong Snow Mountain. Old houses in the ancient city can be seen in the east and west. The weather was fine that day. The scenery here was so beautiful that it was relaxing. My son and I sat here for a while. If it wasn't too late, we wouldn't have come down.




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The Yulong Snow Mountain here is so beautiful that my son can't wait to go. On the third day of our visit to Yunnan, we went to mount Yulong Snow Mountain. Continue to share here next time. The following is my previous travel notes to Yunnan. I hope you like them.


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