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Hidden Kyiv: The mysterious tower and the skeleton of a whale

Hidden Kyiv: The mysterious tower and the skeleton of a whale

January 2020 · 2 min read · Kyiv

I found this photos in my archive. This place now has no access, and probably the ladder inside this tower is no longer in safe condition...

Long, long time ago my friend Anton told me he found an old water tower in the remote area of Holosiyevo (it's a district on the right bank of Dnipro river, close to big forest), and that you can climb it and find an amazing views.

Of course I like those kind of places, especially if they are abandoned.

We boarded the bus to that area, bought some beer in the nearest shop and slowly went to our destination point. I wasn't familiar with this district - it's far away from my home...

The tower looked not so high, not so low. But in compare with the nearest buildings - soviet-time panel houses - it's definitely the highest observation point!

To get inside, you need to squeeze through the window, which is located 2 meters from the ground level. This quest requires some fitness skills :).

From the ground to the top of the tower, there is a ladder. At that moment I realized it looks like something from medieval books, pictures or movies... or fantasy art. Maybe, you saw something similar in your dreams. You are chasing the princess, or rescuing her, kidnapped by the dragon :).

Well, only me and my friends were standing there at that moment.

When we climbed to the top, the entrance to the roof was open.

We saw the living houses from above, the Holosiyevo monastery (orthodox christian) far away, and a lot of trees. This forest isn't just an ordinary forest, it's part of the Holosiyevo nature sanctuary.

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On the way back to the civilization, my friends showed me another hidden urbex thing.

The skeleton of a whale!

It's located on the campus of Agriculture university.

I have no idea from which sea or ocean this whale swam to Kyiv, but here he found his grave. And now it became the place of interest.

That's all, folks. If you are interested, I'll create more content about hidden, abandoned and urbex places.

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