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Under The Assault Of The Pilgrims

Under The Assault Of The Pilgrims

November 2019 · 5 min read · Iași

I must admit the two obsessions I have, the island of Thassos in Greece and the city of Iasi, in Romania. Thassos because all my life I dreamed of going to Greece and now, when I got there, I can't change the location anymore. Iasi, because the accident made me live in this city almost all the year 2019 and so I got to know it very well.

I am not a professional traveler, I am not looking for diversity and the new ... when I like a place I go there many times, I like it when the places are familiar.

This means that I will write more about these two locations, alternatively, so as not to bore readers. Today it will be about ...

Iasi - the city holidays

October is special for Iasi! Iasi is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, a city that stands out due to its history, old architecture and the youth of the inhabitants, even though they are temporary because Iasi is an important university city with thousands of students from Romania and from all over the world.

This city is an important Christian center, there are many churches (more than one hundred) and hundreds of years old monasteries. Due to a monastery and especially what is hosting this October is very important for the city. At the Metropolitan Cathedral there are the relics of Saint Parascheva.

In 1461, the ruler Vasile Lupu brought to Iasi the relics of the holy Parascheva. It is considered the protector of the city and every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come from the country and from abroad. In October, on the 14th of October is the peak ... and throughout the week "the city holidays" are organized. In this period the population of the city doubles and the spectacle of the street, the thousands of people who go everywhere, each with his needs ...


People who go in all directions, day and night, first near the Cathedral where each spent tens of hours in queues to reach the place where the relics was.




October is already the middle of autumn. Most of the time it is rainy. This year was different, it was a wonderful time. Perfect for walking. Most of the pilgrims stay in the city for only a few days, from which they spend most of their time waiting to reach the holy relics. So, in the short time that remains, they prefer to walk through the city center and to buy different souvenirs, especially religious ones. A place where cars are not allowed to drive.





Interesting that in such a large crowd of people you can meet, by chance, friends. My wife met a friend from Bucharest whom she had not seen in years.


This is the context ... "the city holidays"! They are organized every year, during the week when the city is full of visitors. Pilgrims come to pray to Saint Parascheva. The city bosses know that these people are perfect customers and do everything they can to get their money, to make them spend it. People have to shelter, eat and buy souvenirs. The real show happens during the day!

When I see people selling and people buying I automatically think of @dswigle and the challenge it proposes, #MarketFriday. Because it happened on a Friday!

Throughout the city there are cooking and serving areas. All these people must eat (and drink!).


In fact, that means holidays ... to celebrate! A walk over to the church and then, lots of food, lots of drinks. I like to go among these people, I remember as a child. The way these people behave has been unchanged for decades.




Food everywhere, especially meat. Grilled steaks and sausages. Being a special occasion with many and guaranteed customers, the prices are quite high. Everyone eats, even though many make a financial effort for it.




I must admit that the food is very tasty. It is always tasty, even if it doesn't look good sometimes. Like this bean with ham.


Not only meat and wine are sought after. Small initiatives bring coffee or boiled corn. For both parents and children. This gentleman built a small cafe in the trunk of his car.



But most people want to be together, to talk about their life, about politics. To socialize! Most come from small localities and even from villages. They do not have the opportunity too often to attend such meetings, so now take full advantage. They are glad to forget for a while their lives, their problems. Retailers enjoy as they took the money.




Such a holiday can not miss the music. There were concerts with well-known artists. It wasn't that interesting. I preferred to see the authentic musicians from the village, especially the Gypsies. They do not sing for money, they are satisfied only with food and drink. I wasn't lucky enough to see them singing, but I saw them after the show. the show on the street.



I was there too. Later I saw my shadow cast over people. Because I didn't see too many, being busy photographing.


Iasi is a beautiful city. Here I did not show the city, I tried to show a state of mind. The atmosphere of the city invaded by many people coming from religious reasons and ending far from the rules and commands that religion demands. That's how people are!

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Iasi is a beautiful city. It is surrounded by 7 hills, just like Rome. Another resemblance is not, of course. The view from the balcony of the apartment where I lived remained in my soul.




The city is beautiful and has everything for ... everyone. Great architecture, both old and modern, a beautiful botanical garden and low prices. It really deserves to be visited.

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