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This is my travel feed of Burmese Market, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

This little trip happened when I went to Cox's Bazar (The Largest Sea Beach) last time.

Dolphin Square is the first place that you'll sea while you reach so near the sea in Cox's Bazar.

Dolphin Square is named after these sculpture of Dolphin.

Although all of these sculptures were not of dolphin.

Like... this is not a dolphin, I guess.

Although they're at the same place with similar look.

This is a bigger picture of that place.

It's a three way road.
One road is from which we have to go to Cox's Bazar, another way is to Sugandha Beach (I'll show that beach later) and another road goes directly to the sea where there is Laboni Point. Let's see that road now...

Yeah this road goes directly to the sea.
Look straight... I can see the sea, really.
Ohhh I'm missing the sea right now.

Dolphin Square is a place where traffic jam came itself.
As it's a three way road... vehicles from different direction comes here and the the place gets so busy specially before evening.

This is a part of traffic jam at Dolphin Square.

The straight from here leads to Sugandha Beach and Maheshkhali Island.

I hope you can understand by this photo how busy is this road.

Whoaaa... Isn't it nice?
I mean... the view.
This dolphin is looking at Cox's Bazar International University.
Yeah here's a University which is Cox's Bazar International University and it's also at Dolphin Square, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

So, I think you guys liked this post and I really tried to show a good view of Dolphin Square, Cox's Bazar.

If you ever visit to Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh then do tell me about Dolphin Square.

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I'll try to write another travel feed very soon.

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