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Lens on Lisbon: A Look Back on SteemFest & Forward to the Future!

Lens on Lisbon: A Look Back on SteemFest & Forward to the Future!

December 2019 · 5 min read · Campo de Ourique

It’s not long since people came back bright eyed and bushy tailed from an Asian adventure that included the phenomenal experience that is SteemFest. I wasn’t able to attend this year’s Thailand extravaganza, although I was fortunate enough to be in amongst it at SF2 two years back in the great Portuguese capital, Lisbon!

This got me thinking that I wanted to upload my articles from that experience to TravelFeed as I have been using the platform a bit lately and enjoying it, I must say.

It’s probably not the done thing to re-post the exact articles, as they were posted on Steem in the months following the trip, but I thought a little roundup of those shenanigans would be good here. Some memories for those involved and a nice retrospective as to how things fit in with the latest iteration… and looking forward to the next.

So let’s cast our minds back to around September 2017 and I had just joined Steem at the end of June and had dabbled a bit, but not fully involved as yet. I saw all this chit-chat about SteemFest and one afternoon suddenly thought, why not! I was living in Madrid at the time, so not too much of a hardship to get over to Lisbon, where I had been once before and was more than happy to go back.

I got it all booked up and prepared myself for some fun and games. I didn’t know what to expect of course, but I went with an open mind and keen to learn. I didn’t really understand how it all worked, whether there was a future in it, and what my part in that future might be. At the very least this would be a fun travel adventure, a jolly… or it could be the catalyst for something far grander.

Without further ado, here are my posts from the end of that year… I hope you have a browse through and absorb some of the Steemy magic!


1. Pre-SF: Creamy & Delicious… Time to Get Steemy in Lisbon!

This was a little prelude to what was to come. Traveling over from Madrid and taking a stroll round the day before things kicked off.


2. SteemFest² Reflections: Deliciously Creamy, Delightfully Steemy & Lusciously Lisbon (Part #1)

Here we have the first part proper. Registration, picking up my goody bag, and my take on a few of the presentations.


3. SteemFest² Reflections: Deliciously Creamy, Delightfully Steemy & Lusciously Lisbon (Part #2)

Party time. This is where I talk about some of the social shenanigans… the after hours antics. The beer drinking exploits and extracurricular activities. Read it just for the GIFs ;).


Me (right) with @basilmarples. Pic courtesy of @pjo
Me (right) with @basilmarples. Pic courtesy of @pjo

4. SteemFest² Reflections: Deliciously Creamy, Delightfully Steemy & Lusciously Lisbon (Part #3)

The ‘in between days’ and the last supper. As well as some pics and description of that, I somehow manage to squeeze in a clip of In Bruges. The mind boggles.


5. SteemFest² Reflections: Deliciously Creamy, Delightfully Steemy & Lusciously Lisbon (Part #4)

A wrap-up. A few mentions of some of the key players involved, more on Lisbon itself, as well as my thoughts on Steem at that point.


6. Follow Friday - A SteemFest Addendum

This was a ‘Follow Friday’ post I did on some of the characters I met at SteemFest that may not have appeared in the other posts above. I’m not sure all are still going but could be worth a look.


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So there you have it. If you were there at the time (you know who you are), then great to meet you (or at least share that time if we didn’t actually meet), learn more about Steem and of course, party the night away. If not, perhaps we will all reconvene wherever on this planet the fifth version of this fantastic event will be. And with all the development taking place, what a time it will be!

I’ve recently passed 3000 followers, 60 rep and amassed over 6000 STEEM. I’m happy with this progress, although not as dramatic as some… but perhaps more so than others. I lacked consistency for a time, and even walked away for a bit. I always kept one eye on what was going on, and ready to strike when the time was right. I think now is that time, and I hope to be a part of taking Steem, blockchain, and all the great projects and people that dwell within, forward. It’s sure to be quite a ride!

And one final note - I’m due to be back in Lisbon in January! Whether that be a short trip or something more permanent remains to be seen but I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with such a cool and vibrant place. As I mentioned in one of my articles, the city is a great all-rounder; whether as a visitor or to live, it does have a lot to offer. Oh, and you’ll be hearing all about it through Steem/TravelFeed.

To paraphrase a famous quote - the future’s bright, the future’s Steem! ;)

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~ Adam

* Featured image by @timsaid, other images my own or linked to source… or courtesy of the SF GIF machine from @roelandp and associates!


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