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Netherlands Travel Guide

Quick Facts

💰Currency Euro (€)
🔄Exchange Rate US$1 = €0.92
💬Language Dutch
🗣️English Fluency Moderate
🏙️Capital Amsterdam
👥Population 17 million
🚘Driving Side right
🔌Plugs C, F
🕑Time Central European Time (UTC+01:00)
🍽️Must-Try Stroopwafel, Bitterballen, Haring

Backpacker Budget: US$62 ( 57)

Hostel Dorm US$25 ( 23)
Takeaway Meal US$10 ( 9)
Public transport US$4.5 ( 4)
Long-distance bus US$20 ( 18)
Entrance Fee US$15 ( 14)
Beer US$4 ( 4)

When to go?

April to September High season
October to March Low season

What's unique?

Welcome to the Netherlands, a country known for its vibrant tulip fields, picturesque windmills, and extensive network of canals. Located in Northwestern Europe, the Netherlands is famous for its flat landscapes that are perfect for cycling and exploring. With a population of over 17 million people, it is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Netherlands boasts a rich cultural heritage. The capital city Amsterdam, with its iconic canal system and historic buildings, is a must-visit destination. Immerse yourself in Dutch art at the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum or experience Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife at the bustling Leidseplein square.

The Netherlands is also home to other charming cities such as Rotterdam, known for its modern architecture and lively port area; Utrecht, with its medieval city center and stunning Dom Tower; and The Hague, where you can visit famous landmarks like Binnenhof (the seat of Dutch parliament) and Mauritshuis (an art museum showcasing Vermeer's 'Girl with a Pearl Earring').

Indulge in traditional Dutch cuisine like stroopwafels (syrup waffles) or sample some local cheeses from quaint markets. Don't forget to explore the countryside to witness iconic wooden clogs being made or visit beautiful fishing villages such as Volendam.

With friendly locals who often speak English fluently, getting around in the Netherlands is easy. Whether you're interested in cycling along scenic routes or immersing yourself in Dutch history and culture, this remarkable country will leave you captivated.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Highlights of Netherlands
(2 weeks)

  1. 1

    Explore the charming canals, visit the famous Anne Frank House, and admire world-class art at the Rijksmuseum.

  2. 2

    Stroll through the beautiful gardens and admire the colorful tulip fields during springtime.

  3. 3
    The Hague

    Visit the political capital of the Netherlands and explore its historic landmarks, including the Binnenhof and the Mauritshuis.

  4. 4

    Experience modern architecture, vibrant nightlife, and the bustling market of Markthal in this dynamic city.

  5. 5

    Discover the iconic windmills that have been a symbol of the Netherlands for centuries.

  6. 6

    Discover the historic city center, climb the Dom Tower for panoramic views, and enjoy the vibrant cafe culture.

  7. 7

    Explore the picturesque village of Giethoorn, known as the 'Venice of the Netherlands', with its canals, bridges, and thatched-roof houses.

Amstel, Amsterdam
Amstel, Amsterdam

Fun Fact

The Netherlands is known for its extensive network of canals, which has earned Amsterdam the nickname 'Venice of the North'.


What are the must-visit attractions in the Netherlands?

Some of the must-visit attractions in the Netherlands include the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Keukenhof Gardens, and the windmills at Kinderdijk.

Is it safe to travel in the Netherlands?

Yes, the Netherlands is generally a safe country for travelers. However, like any other destination, it is always recommended to take normal precautions to ensure personal safety.

What is the official language of the Netherlands?

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch.

Travel Tips

  • Money Cards are accepted universally
  • ATM Fees Most ATMs charge no fees
  • Free ATMs Geldmaat, ING, Rabobank, ABN AMRO
  • ATMs to avoid (high fees) Euronet
  • Do use 'Dank u wel' (Thank you) when expressing gratitude.
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