When it rains, it pours!

The timing couldn't have been worse to have server issues. After our TravelFeed.io presentation at Steemfest and organizing meet-ups to onboard new users subsequently, having our platform unavailable for access was the worst case scenario, paired with @jpphotography 's computer breaking down and @for91days traveling on full airplane mode, not being able to communicate, made it all perfect for chaos.

Good news is, TravelFeed.io is up and running again! We bought a new server with a more reliable customer support. In three weeks we will implement our new server infrastructure, it will include a backup server and more powerful machines to host TravelFeed.io. These steps are of course no guarantees as websites sometimes go offline, that's just their nature, all we do is our best to prevent it from happening in the future as much as possible.

For now our server issues are fully resolved but @jpphotography 's computer maintenance is still a problem, the screen doesn't turn on anymore. It's frustrating to learn that it's a well known issue with his MacBook Pro called flexgate and it's not covered by their warranty since the issue occurred after one year of purchase. Repairs can cost over $500 and even worse though, he won't have a machine to work on for up to three weeks, hence the timelapse for us to implement our new server infrastructure. There is really nothing more frustrating than wanting to work but not being able to, because of technical issues.

But taking things a bit easier after Steemfest and our meet-ups might not be a bad thing, it gives us the opportunity to reflect on that time and to process all the information we gathered during the conference and many talks we had.