TravelFeed is your curated tag for high-quality travel content. You can find our introduction post here. The best way to write and view TravelFeed posts is through our dApp on, read our Beta announcement post for more info.

We consider all posts using the tag #travelfeed, whether authored through or other Steem dApps such as Steemit, Steempeak or DTube, but in the near future, posting through TravelFeed will bring benefits.

Use the tag #travelfeed in your posts for better visibility and a chance to benefit from our curation. This will result in greater rewards, a better reputation and more followers.

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If you want to post in #travelfeed, please check first that your post fits our criteria:

  • Only original content;
  • English (or bilingual);
  • At least 250 words in English, excluding footers;
  • Proper sourcing if you are using any media that are not your own;
  • Only travel-related content.

Posts that do not fit these criteria will not appear or be removed from and are not eligible for curation.

It is for you to decide how to accessorize the post (images, videos, gif, styling, etc.).

We are excited for your travel stories, guides and diaries!

Any plagiarism or repeated tag abuse will be reported to @steemcleaners. If you discover any plagiarism or tag abuse, please report it on our Discord server (see link below).

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