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"My first Trip to an Hotel suite"..
Pool Party at Luton Park, Off Udo Udoma, Akwa Ibom state.

"My first Trip to an Hotel suite".. Pool Party at Luton Park, Off Udo Udoma, Akwa Ibom state.

January 2020 · 4 min read


I know it very rare and many don't actually do this. And I don't actually do it neither cause I have no business in this place being that I'm neither married nor have a family of my own
I can't really saying what I was doing here being that I was tricked into coming here
But I wouldn't regret it seeing that the serenity and view in this place is really awesome and nice to withhold.

My friend happened to call me up and asked to meet since it been awhile we saw each other.
Our plan was to sit and talk, reminiscing old memories and fun we had in the past before our present meeting, but I never knew it gonna be in an hotel.

Coming here I discovered it was an hotel, too bad that I don't actually know places in uyo but I was shocked when I arrived and it was an hotel.
What actually happened is that they arranged a birthday party for one of her friend in the pool.
And she knowing very well that I don't like swimming she never told me about it, rather she tricked me into coming to an unknown location, a place I've never been before. Only for her to come pick me on the road and it landed me here "Luton Park Hotel" and the party was quite close to the pool.
While I couldn't do anything about it other than to sit and watch them having fun in the pool

The place was quite cozy and comfortable though, so I couldn't get angry at her for bringing to a place I didn't like and wanna be found.
While sitting and watching what was going on, taking pictures and making review, I saw a known entity, someone I never thought could be in such place, well not to mention, that's not our business for today
But to tell you how lovely and amazing Luton park appeared to be

I sat for like close to two hours and just watched what was going on.
The place was cozy, serene, nice, neat and everything.
Family, loved ones and friends strolled in by the pool to either sit and relax, grab something to chill with or to swim
I was just watching the whole scenario until I got tired.

Now back to our pool party, the girl celebrating the birthday was busy snapping and taking shots of herself with friends
She snapped until she got tires of snapping
Her birthday was fun and exciting
She cut her cake and the party was a success!


Luton Park Hotel is locatedat 2 unity park, off Udo Udoma Avenue. Situated at the center

Luton park hotel have cozy and comfortable bed of cause for your night spent with them at their service.
Their guest room too is a great thing to withhold.

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Below are some shots I took while sitting and beholding the beauty and serenity of the place.

I caught two guys inside the pool, playing handball
Throwing, exhanging and passing each other the ball inside the pool

I took a shot of them while they were still playing

This is when one of the guy dived inside the water and headed for the ball

Here is a selfie shot of my friends,
They were taking selfie after coming out from the pool.
Their swimming lasted for some time but their picture shots took the whole of their time

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And the birthday girl decided to join the shot, she also is a picture freak. She can snap a hundred picture in one minute😂😂

Her birthday was a success
I later liked that I went and chilled out for the evening
It was a nice and warm experience thanks to my friend

Using this opportunity to wish my friend's friend a happy birthday

Happy birthday beloved.!

I am @zellypearl
Thank you for stopping by

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