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A Tour To The School I Aspire To Be: University Of Uyo, Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State.

A Tour To The School I Aspire To Be: University Of Uyo, Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State.

January 2020 · 7 min read


A new school session has begun and am so unfortunate to be admitted. Its sad but I can't help it since its beyond my power.
It's required of us to do our best and leave the rest to God. And I believed I did my best but God said it is not yet time.

This is the school I aspire to be and I hope to get there very soon.
I often visit here being that I had friends and loved ones here and also being that a lot of programs and ceremonies are hosted here.
The school is open to all; students and non-students, staffs and non-staffs but with a specific purpose and on special assignments.

I went for a tour around the school premises.
I made observations and also drew some conclusions about certain things in the school.
Although am not yet a student there but there are some basic facts and truth I know about the school
The good and the bad side of it.
University of Uyo they say is the beat Higher Institution in town. It offers everything a student needs and could ever ask for in a school.


University of Uyo is located in Akwa Ibom State, Uyo, Ikpa road precisely.
It was formerly known as the University of Cross River State(UNICROSS)
Federal Government of Nigeria established it as a Federal University in the year 1991 October1, that was how the name was later changed to the University Of Uyo (UNIUYO)
The school comprises of four (4) campuses
The school's;

Motto: Unity, Learning and Service

Before I divert into the history and dialog of the school, let's see what really brought me here.
I went around the school and I caught a lot of things to behold.
I didn't mind taking shots of the places I stumbled into.

School Entrance

Below is the school entrance. This isn't really the only entrance to the school but this the main entrance and the biggest gate the school has. The rest are just short cuts or you could say a shorter or closer route to wherever you are going to, it could be to your lecture hall, faculty, library, department, clinic, Supervision's office or even your lecturer's office.
But this is the actual main entrance to the school. It even has the logo of the school just before you enter, too bad I didn't capture that part

And moving forward inside, just before you arrive at a V-junction to determine your next move, direction or destination. Exactly at that spot; V-junction, there's rather one old but fleshy leaves looking tree. Planted by the left hand side while coming into the school through the main gate or entrance.
There are times the old tree sheds off all its leaves and looks rather cranky and there are times it's blossoms with fleshy and good looking greenish leaves as if it has just be revived.

I guess I missed a point above which I would love to draw your attention to. Before you actually get to the V-junction I said earlier, by your right, is the school's biggest and largest field. It's so big that I couldn't capture everything.
This is where the school's usually host their matriculation and convocation ceremony. The field is just so big that I bet you can't walk cross it in 20minutes to the other part of the school😂😂 the day I tried that, it really wasn't a very nice experience😂

Now back to where we were and where we left over. After the V-junction, there's a place that looks more like a ravine, in fact actually its a ravine, although I heard many student normally go around there for their research and tours.
Beside that ravine are good looking flowers and trees planted. Its just planted by the side of the ravine, the ravine is fenced round with an electrical and protective wires with strong irons to support the wires.

After touring around this area, I went further into the art studio or department. Faculty of art
There we have many art works and pieces to behold
But I only took a few shots of some sculptures made by most of the students themselves in the school. These ones are old sculpture though but it was still wonderful to behold.

First Sculpture

The first sculpture is a man with just one hand.
I really don't know as to what the artist had in mind while molding such sculpture. A man with a disabled hand trying to pull a truck over. And this truck happen to have an image of earth on it. As if the disabled man was trying to pull the whole earth by himself with just one hand.
But whatever be the case or whatever the artist or the person who designed it had in mind while doing it, I think it was a great feeling displayed in art.

Second Sculpture

The second sculpture is of two ladies. One dressed as a street harlot and the other dressed like a professor or something.
But there is a clear different between the two.
It's actually very funny but also very truth. That many students came into school with the sole aim of studying and graduating but in the long run, if not focused on the vision, turn out to be something else, and most times a tyrant in school but they sometimes threaten the lives of other students and teachers or lecturers.
Many give up their dreams of studying and graduating and venture into that brings disgrace to themselves, the school and their family. I pray it doesn't be my portion, Amen!

Third Sculpture

Now the third and very last sculpture I could capture was situated in the commercial field. A sculpture of a man manifesting two being in two different ways.
On one side he is a pastor, well dressed in suit and neck tie with his Holy Bible and wireless microphone and while on the other side He is a ritualist with a human head, perhaps what he uses for sacrifices.

How terrifying that a man is two-faced. He uses nd abuses the name of God and on the other side He pleases the devil His master.
I believe whosoever designed this sculpture has Christianity and Christiandom at heart.

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I also stumbled into this area, looks like a laboratory and it seems to be under construction and renovation
Wish them a work weldone and a quicker finishing of their construction project so students could start using there in time.

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University of Uyo is very large. It is vast that one can't finish his or her tour in one day if by walking and strolling around the school premises, you will have to go by car to meet up the space and time spent.
There are many other things I didn't mention since there aren't ant images to prove them but I think I school still mention few.
Few things the school has are:

  • Conference Hall
  • Theatre Halls
  • Mini Banks and ATM
  • Mini Market and Confectionery
  • Restaurant and food store
  • Male and female hostels
  • Churches and mosque
  • Basketball field
  • Clinic and hospital

And many more that I haven't listed.
This school has almost everything one needs to better their school years.
And I so much aspire to be there very soon.!

My tour around school.!

I am @zellypearl
Thank you so much for engaging my blog

Hope to bring more of my tour and experience your way.

My Aspiration.! My School.!

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